Monday, August 6, 2012

Calle de Elvira, Granada, 1994

A couple more scanned photos, this time from Spain, where I traveled in March 1994. The photo above is one of my earliest attempts at candid street photography. I was sitting with a friend at a cafe in Granada when I spotted these old men, survivors of Franco and maybe even the Spanish Civil War, doing what I imagine they did every day -- gathering on a favorite bench. I wanted to take their photo, but I didn't want to be obvious. So I pretended to point the camera at my friend -- that's his shoulder, lower right. The old guy on the left doesn't look fooled.

I wonder if any of them are alive now.

And here's an early attempt at storefront photography. This building on Calle de Elvira faced the same public square, Plaza Nueva, where I shot the old men. Why I couldn't line up the photo to shoot the building straight on, and not crop the sign on the left -- well, I'm not sure.

After scanning this photo, I got on Google Streetview to see what Cafe Ricardo looks like these days. It didn't take me long to find it, even though I had only the vaguest idea where it was and couldn't remember the name of the square. Sadly, it seems to have deteriorated in the ensuing years, much like Spain's economy:

Wonder why they took down their neon and that great old Burdon's Dry Gin sign? That made the place.


Lynne said...

I like the photo of the old men on the bench. You can see that they are all thinking about something different.

It's hard to get photos of people. I've only been successful with a few and those were on a trip to Mexico. Normally I don't photograph people but for some reason there I felt the draw of it. I used my big telephoto lens so they really didn't know (at least I don't think they did) that I was pointing the camera at them. One turned out especially good.

Interesting theme you have going to go back on Google to places you've been to in years past.

Ms. Moon said...

Some things just do not get better with age. I think those old men would have agreed.

The Bug said...

Love the photo of the men - and it does look like that one guy is looking at you.

I took a picture yesterday with you in mind - we visited a wildlife management area for a walk & there was graffiti in the parking lot. You'll get to see it next Saturday on my P365 post :)

Reya Mellicker said...

The pictures are fabulous! It doesn't seem like that long ago, but looking at their trench coats ... well ... of course it was almost 20 years ago!