Wednesday, August 15, 2012


My god, yesterday was wonderful. Dave's parents climbed into a taxi at 6:15 a.m. and headed for Heathrow and their flight home. Dave went back to work. And I was left quietly, blessedly alone for the entire day.

I did laundry. I cleaned. I read. I took a nap. I was so happy.

I thought about running, but instead I took a leisurely walk over to a neighborhood graffiti spot and took photos.

Oh, I forgot to relate some exciting news on the photography front -- Yahoo requested two photos from my Flickr stream for their gallery of Olympics images. As a result, each photo has received more than 6,800 views -- many, many more than any of my other photos on Flickr. It's kind of exciting, even though I still don't get any money. I like to think I'm building a reputation and collecting points for my resume, but I might just be a sucker.

(Photo: Globe thistles and bees in Hyde Park, August 7.)


Elizabeth said...


Elizabeth said...

I have to add how much I appreciate your blog -- your photos, your honesty and quirky way you see the world. I admit that I feel such comfort coming here, as you're usually the last blog I read before I go to bed -- there's something so cool, knowing that you're just getting up to start your day on the other side of the world!

Gary said...

I think it is exciting. I love the photo of the bridge but what is that other one? I don't see the Olympic connection but it is late. I'll check again tomorrow.

Glad you had a day of peace.

Steve Reed said...

Thanks for the kind words, Elizabeth! I always get a little kick when I see that you've commented just after I post -- it's funny how our schedules overlap across the planet!

Gary, the second photo is Wenlock, the Olympics mascot, costumed as a pirate. London put a bunch of different fiberglass Wenlock statues all over town to build enthusiasm for the Olympics.

Lynne said...

Congrats! Love the bridge photo.

I used to post pics on Flicker but I haven't done so now for a couple of years.

Love the globe thistles!

Glad you have your space back again!

P.S. Unlike Elizabeth I read you first thing in the morning as you come to the end of your day!

Ms. Moon said...

Yes. We did have a similar day!
I wonder what today will be like.
I've never even heard of globe thistles. How beautiful they are!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

gosh, i've been away from the bloggyhood so much to catch up on here on shadows and light.

enjoy the quiet till the next round of activity and noise!


Reya Mellicker said...

Congrats on your pics! That's awesome.

Like you, I had a quiet day yesterday. I love quiet days.


ellen abbott said...

well, that's exciting. and I love that beautiful picture of the globe thistles.

The Bug said...

Love the thistles - they seem to echo the quiet that you had yesterday.

I'll have to check out your pictures when I get home (Flicker is a sin at work - why?).

I'm usually reading your blog in the afternoon because I am very anal about reading blogs in the order they appear on my reader & you are an "S" - ha!