Saturday, August 25, 2012

Talking Politics, Without Talking Politics

So while I've been obsessing about my job, the world has been slowly spinning on its axis, churning out a chaotic frenzy of news.

Dave and I have taken to watching Rachel Maddow each night. We get her show online and patch it into our TV. Dave is fascinated by politics and he can watch it for hours -- one of his favorite things to do is pull up YouTube videos of right-wing politicians, especially the hyper-religious ones, making idiots of themselves. I have less taste for that kind of thing. It makes me tired and discouraged. I do like Rachel, though.

I sometimes think I should try harder to write about issues on my blog. But honestly, I'm not sure what I could say that hasn't already been said. Todd Akin's rape comments were bizarre and reprehensible. (England has also had male politicians weighing in with unenlightened viewpoints this week.) Mitt Romney is a soulless automaton with no convictions, and Paul Ryan is a small-government extremist -- that's what I believe, but you've heard it all before, haven't you?

Just know that I'm thinking about it all. I am paying attention.

Meanwhile, I'll tell you about the newest adventures of Pat, our balcony spider. (We've decided to call him/her Pat because we're uncertain of his/her gender, and Arachnopet is just too long a name.) If you've ever wondered whether a spider can catch a bee without being stung or killed, let me assure you that it can. Pat caught one yesterday. And when afternoon rain and wind came and tore down Pat's web, Pat picked up the bee and carried it to the underside of a leaf, clinging to it fiercely. That bee was clearly a prized possession. He/she is still holding onto it this morning.

I find Pat so much more interesting than Mitt Romney.

(Photo: Who do you suppose came up with this name for an apartment building -- and why?!)


Elizabeth said...

I love coming here each night and looking at your beautiful and always interesting photos, reading about your meanderings in the city you live -- I don't think you have to write about politics -- in fact, some of what you photograph speaks worlds about you.

And I do love hearing about Pat.

Lynne said...

I think Mr. Akin could use a sex education course, or better yet let him become a woman. If only women had that much control over their bodies!

Politics are pretty sad.

Pat on the other hand rocks! Maybe Pat should meet Charlotte?? How cool you got to watch him/her catch a bee! Aren't they fascinating? I check on Charlotte every morning but so far no more cicada-style meals. At least not any I have seen.

Ms. Moon said...

I feel quite certain that Pat is a female. If you look carefully, you may see very small spiders in the web along with her. Those would be the males.
That's how it is in spider world. And after the males mate with the larger females, she sometimes eats them.
Mitt IS a soulless automaton.
You are right.
And lastly- can you imagine listing your address as Nodules Mansions? Please god, no. Never.

ellen abbott said...

I know what you mean. I sometimes address politics but often don't. kind of pointless really. I do think we are in for some serious trouble if R/R get in with a republican congress. it's disheartening that so many people are so heartless.

Steve Reed said...

Elizabeth: I'm glad you love coming to the blog and hearing about Pat! I find her endlessly fascinating. (I think I'll adopt Ms Moon's suggestion that she is female.)

Lynne: Indeed. It would solve a heck of a lot of problems if women and their bodies could be so selective. I have a scary feeling that if Pat met Charlotte, Pat might wind up as lunch.

Ms. Moon: I'm glad you know your orb weavers. I haven't seen any others yet, but I'll keep my eyes open. I think you're probably right about her being female, though. And yes, EXACTLY -- Nodule Mansions??

Ellen: It is often pointless, and just makes everyone mad! For the most part, I'll continue to steer clear. Daily life is more fun to talk about, anyway.

Linda Sue said...

Pat picked a good home, like our Jimmy spider until, I don't know what...he is not there anymore and I am painting the
Love the mansions and i would live there because it is so quirky.Goiter Gates, TB terrace- very enticing.

The Bug said...

I know! Mr. Akin got us confused with the Bene Gesserit who actually CAN decide whether or not to get pregnant (obscure Dune reference - ha!).

I love Pat - & I would definitely find her more interesting than politics. Although Rachel is really really cute (yes, I have a girl crush on her)...