Friday, August 17, 2012

Radiant Baby, with Watermelon

I've already written about my pictorial interest in vacant stores. Here's another one for the gallery. I always meant to check this place out -- that Keith Haring "Radiant Baby" above the door intrigued me -- but I never quite made it. Apparently Dotty Dot sold toys and games, but now even the Web site is disconnected. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may.

About ten days ago I whimsically bought an entire watermelon on Portobello Road. I thought it would be a funny surprise for Dave and our friend Adam, who was just arriving that day for his visit. Well, you learn something new every day -- even about your spouse. Dave doesn't particularly like watermelon! And when Adam was here we tended to eat out anyway -- and then Dave and I went to Amsterdam, and then his parents returned for the second part of their visit, which entailed more eating out. His mom helped me work a bit on the watermelon, taking a slice here and there, but otherwise I was on my own.

Long story short: I finally finished that freaking watermelon yesterday at lunch.

Yes, I realize that is a first-world problem.


  1. It may be a first-world problem but I happen to think that the baby-watermelon is one of the best inventions of our times.

  2. Indeed -- next time, I'm buying the baby version!

  3. I call it a bourgeois complaint.

  4. LOL. I've been obsessed with cantaloupe lately (as you might have noticed from my blog). And Mike can't eat it so I get the whole thing to myself. Thank goodness I have some special produce containers that keep it fresh longer...

  5. I don't like those single person baby watermelons. I've yet to have one that was as good as a full size real watermelon. can we just stop jacking around with the food supply now? nature's got it down people. she doesn't need any help.

  6. awww I am sad about dotty Dot...I could eat an entire watermelon, no problem. Good with Vodka.

  7. Elizabeth: Yes, that IS a better term.

    Bug: And a cantaloupe is NOTHING compared to a whole watermelon!

    Ellen: I don't mind some good old-fashioned Luther Burbank hybridizing, but I'm with you when it comes to genetic modification.

    Linda Sue: Ha! If I'd thought of that I bet the others would have been MUCH more enthusiastic!