Thursday, August 23, 2012

Long Walk with Storefronts

Yesterday's staff retreat was interesting. I got to meet lots of people -- always the real purpose of a retreat, I think -- and I even got to do some samba drumming. Which was surprisingly fun.

I slipped out after lunch, when the retreat was due to get into the real nitty-gritty of teaching. Obviously I'm not teaching so I didn't need to stick around for that. I decided to walk back toward home, and wandered 6 1/2 miles before my feet finally protested and I had to get on the tube.

I found lots of great storefronts along the way!

You gotta love a place called the Hard Work Cafe -- especially when there's an overworked-looking guy sitting outside.

The lamb and chicken on the Cricklewood Halal sign seem to be neon. I'd love to see them light up, but Cricklewood is quite a schlep from where we live, so the likelihood I'll get up there at night is probably pretty slim.

Bucovina is a region in Eastern Europe straddling Romania and Ukraine. I liked the hopeful little note on the sign: "If you like it, spread the word!"

This woman peeked outside just as I took the photo -- what timing! Like many salons catering to muslim women, this one shields the windows so passersby can't look in and see their uncovered hair.


Elizabeth said...

I love the East African fashions one and that last, perfect shot. You're so good!

Ms. Moon said...

What a world of cultures you live near. Thank you for bringing them to us, too.

Ms. Moon said...

P.S. Really? The Mama Cass Cafeteria?

Gary said...

I love the hard working guy! I noticed him before I read your comment.

The Bug said...

Ooh - my favorite is the screw place. I love to go into hardware stores & run my hands through the boxes of nails & screws. Too weird?

ellen abbott said...

how fun to live in a place where so many cultures express themselves.

Linda Sue said...

These are all so delightful! What I miss most about London I think is just walking until you can not take another step , entertained the entire walk. You have captured some juicy treasure1 Specially the last one and the one with the weary guy. Cool.

Steve Reed said...

Thanks, everybody! I do love all the cultures in London. I have some shots of Chinese businesses too, but I just didn't include them.

Ms. Moon: A friend on Facebook pointed out that Mama Cass died in London, and he wondered if it was some kind of tribute. Of course, it also begs the inevitable "I bet they have great ham sandwiches" jokes. (And for the record, everyone, it's an urban myth that Cass Elliott choked on a ham sandwich.)

Bug: Running your hands through nails and screws sounds PAINFUL!

Linda Sue: That's exactly what I like to do -- walk until I can't walk anymore. I loved New York for the same reason. Tampa, my hometown, just isn't a walking city.

37paddington said...

love the hard work cafe!

what a melting pot! beautiful.