Saturday, August 18, 2012

Real Urban Foxes!

Last night Dave and I were home, watching some TV after an exhausting day, when we heard the barking and squealing of our neighborhood foxes. They are incredibly noisy, especially when they fight. From the balcony, I could see two -- a big one and a smaller one -- running around on the lawn.

I couldn't take a decent photo from the sixth floor, though. So I went downstairs and crept around the edges of the grass.

By this time, the big fox had run off. But the smaller one was still there. He didn't seem to know how to react to me. He'd watch me for a few seconds, and then run to another part of the yard, and then watch me from there.

I think he's very young -- he seems to have a babyish face, and his tail hasn't filled out. (I'm saying "he" for the sake of convenience; for all I know "he" is a "she.")

These photos were the best I could do with the lens I have. Note to self: Buy zoom lens!

Even though they're noisy, and some people consider them pests, the foxes add such an element of excitement to living in London. When we first moved here, I was amazed to find them in our neighborhood, but I've read that they're plentiful all over the city. One was reportedly found sleeping on a filing cabinet in Parliament!


Lynne said...

You don't have a zoom? I can't live without mine!

I had no idea London had foxes running around. How very cool. And very different from my country fox that I posted just the other day. Yours looks more dog-like in the mostly frontal shot.

I love the tonal quality of these. Was that just chance or did you do it on purpose? Love these!

Steve Reed said...

Lynne: The only lens I have so far for the new camera is the kit lens that came with it. I still have to invest in a new zoom and macro. (My old lenses don't fit this new camera, of course. Argh!)

The light in the photos is all ambient, from the neighborhood streetlights. I haven't adjusted it at all. The reviews of this camera all praise its effectiveness in low-light situations, and I must say, it's better than my old ones.

ellen abbott said...

foxes in London! we have possums and raccoons in the city, but no foxes that I know of.

Andrea said...

Steve, I found your blog via Elizabeth and Ms. Moon and am very glad I did. Love the urban fox photos and all else I've seen of your work today.

Lorianne said...

How cool! We have (I'm told) coyotes here in the Boston 'burbs, but I've never seen one, just opossums and skunks. If we have coyotes, though, we surely have foxes and raccoons, too.

It's a jungle out there!

The Bug said...

Love the fox! And I agree with Lynne - the aura of the photos is really cool.

I have friends who've been in Bristol this summer (they live in Colorado) & one of the things they love about the house they stay in is the foxes in the back yard. She posted pics of sleeping foxes on facebook today - very cute.

Steve Reed said...

Ellen: I wonder why there aren't more foxes in U.S. cities? It was a rare thing for me to see a fox as a child, and here they're all over!

Andrea: The fox and I both thank you for stopping by, and for the kind words!

Lorianne: It IS a jungle! I'm waiting to see a hedgehog, or a badger. Then I'll know my British experience has been complete.

Bug: Maybe I should nose around the yard and see if I can find our foxes during the daytime...?

Ms. Moon said...

We have foxes here in Lloyd but there are plenty of woods, too, so no big surprise. They do get after my chickens, though. What do they eat in London? I am curious. Nice shots.

John | Fox Repellent Expert said...

Great fox pics Steve! I think despite not having a zoom lens you did a fantastic job of capturing that beautiful creature!

Peter Bryenton said...

You did well to get these. Any camera is better than no camera.