Saturday, July 4, 2015

A Party with the Beatles

Today is the day of our little garden party. I've only been up about 15 minutes but already I've Windexed our glass tabletops and made my morning coffee. I've got no time to waste because things have to get done before I leave for French class at 9:30.

(Ooooh -- a parrot is back on our bird feeder right now!)

Dave spent a lot of time working on the garden yesterday, and he ordered the food and the wine. I laundered our sheets, did some basic housework and took the dog to Hampstead Heath, but did very little in the way of party preparation. I feel a little guilty leaving it to him, but as we've established I'm not an experienced host! This is his bailiwick!

At the end of the school year in June, a student gave Dave and two other music teachers each a magnum of champagne. So the others are bringing theirs to the party and we're going to drink them today. One cannot have a bad time with champagne present, although it has been known to give me a headache later.

We had a crazy thunderstorm in the middle of the night. It was sunny when we went to bed and sunny when I got up this morning, but at around midnight there was rain, crashing thunder and howling wind. It seems now like something I imagined, or a bad dream, except that the ground is wet and clearly rain really happened.

(Photo: Graffiti on the wall of Abbey Road Studios in St. John's Wood.)


Linda Sue said...

from what I can surmise, just being in your company and in your fabulous home/garden is enough, along with Olga's shenanigans...I really think your party will be the best party ever. Sorry to miss it! Bad timing for me!

You go to my head
Like a sip of sparkling burgundy brew
And I find the very mention of you
Like the kicker in a julep or two

So, along with gigantic champagne, your party will be the most memorable fourth of July ever.
I am just going to huddle in the corner, beg the Queen's forgiveness, and implore her to please take me back...

Sharon said...

Have a great party! Magnum of champagne should do the trick.

ellen abbott said...

the fourth of July is our unofficial anniversary. I say unofficial because it would have been our first date...he had tickets to see the Rolling Stones in Dallas...but I had already left to go to the beach for the weekend and didn't get the message until I returned. so it's a good day for an unofficial wedding party.

Mwa said...

Oooh I wonder how your party is going. Mmm champagne.

The Bug said...

Hope you're having a blast!

e said...


Sarah said...

It was a great storm-I stayed up to watch it and enjoyed the whole thing though the cats did not and Andy slept through the whole thing and he really loves storms. Hope your party was fun!