Sunday, July 5, 2015

A Success!

Well, now I feel like a bit of a Scrooge, because despite all my complaining and trepidation about hosting our party, it turned out really well! People came, mingled, talked, laughed and stayed much later than we thought they might -- and not in a bad way. The food was eaten, the wine and champagne were drunk. (Well, most of the champagne -- we still have one unopened magnum, which we couldn't fit in the refrigerator and thus was too warm to serve.) Nothing was broken. I'd call that a success!

I get why some people enjoy hosting. There's something very fulfilling about having all your friends over and watching them meet and get to know each other. There's a satisfaction in knowing that you're the catalyst for this meeting, and in seeing everyone have fun.

Plus, hosting a party is a great incentive to get the house cleaned up. All those little surfaces I've been meaning to dust forever are now dust-free!

Everyone suitably and justifiably marveled at Dave's gardening, and I finally learned from our friend Sally what that mysterious orange flower is that appears periodically on our lawn. It's hawkweed. Like our loosestrife, it's considered an invasive species in some states in the U.S. (what is it about our garden?) but apparently it's perfectly acceptable here in England. I like it.

(Photo: An unusually pretty assortment of garden waste in our recycling bag!)


Marty said...

So glad everything went well.
Having a get-together always seems like a great idea in theory and then before you know it you're on your hands and knees scrubbing a corner no one will see.

ellen abbott said...

nothing like a successful party but, ugh, the clean up.

Ms. Moon said...

What a pretty picture!
Glad the party was a success! It is a nice feeling when friends are together, having fun, knowing that we have made it happen. That is the way it should be.

Sharon said...

I'm glad he party was a success. I knew it would be. And, you still have a magnum of champagne left.

37paddington said...

Glad you enjoyed yourself! It sounds lovely.