Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Back to the Homeland

I'm all packed up and ready to fly, more or less! Packing for Florida really isn't that difficult. As I said yesterday, shorts and t-shirts -- and nothing bulky. No surfboards or water skis for me!

Dave and I went to hear Holst's "The Planets" last night at the BBC Proms at Royal Albert Hall. It was preceded by two other pieces, both odd, discordant and sort of spacey. One consisted of chirping and trilling violins that brought to mind jungle birds or stridulating insects. Or maybe aliens? I think whoever programmed the evening was going for an extra-terrestrial vibe.

The mealworms in our bird feeder have been a huge success. We see far fewer pigeons and many more birds of interest -- tits, finches, and our local spotted woodpecker, who keeps coming back for more. He thinks he's found the best tree ever.

I'll be sorry to leave the garden for the next few weeks because there's a lot going on -- but I'm sure Dave will keep me in the loop via text message and e-mail. And Olga won't be getting to the Heath nearly as much in my absence, because Dave just doesn't enjoy walking her that far -- but we have her dog-walker coming back five days a week now, so that will help.

Coming to you next from North America!

(Photo: Near Golborne Road, July 10.)


Ms. Moon said...

Oh! Why did I think that Dave was coming with you?
Well, I'll be in Roseland while you're here but I'll be reading posts and posting myself so we can keep up with each other's travels.
Be well, be safe. Have fun!

Vivian said...

safe travels, welcome back to your home land!

Sharon said...

Hope the flight is uneventful and welcome back to the US of A.

The Bug said...

Safe travels!

Linda Sue said...

So, you will be closer to Washington state...Shall I get a room ready?

Steve Reed said...

Ms Moon: Well, it would make perfect sense for Dave to come with me, but we figured given the expense and the dog-care issues that it would be better for him to stay home. Have fun in Roseland!

Linda Sue: Absolutely! I'll pop right over!

Thanks for the good wishes, everybody!

37paddington said...

That photograph captures the modern posture of young people everywhere, communing with their phones. Many old people do the same thing, but they don't look as sleek and composed as your woman in red. In fact, I saw a photo of myself hunched over my phone yesterday, and i looked like I lived in a church called Nortre Dame. That young lady on the other hand looks runway ready. Great photo.

jenny_o said...

I agree about the photo! I notice that in quite a few of your shots you have a person in brightly coloured clothing - on purpose, I would think? It contrasts so well with the background in a street or building photo.

Did you see me waving at your plane from Nova Scotia when you arrived on our continent? haha Hope you have a great visit!