Monday, July 27, 2015

A Sopping, Snoozy Sunday

Yesterday was another daylong soaker. We were so unmotivated by the drizzly weather that we stayed inside reading and watching movies. I finished "The Whites," which I really liked -- but why Richard Price had to have both his name and his nom-de-plume on the cover is a mystery to me. Isn't the whole point of a nom-de-plume to keep the author's identity secret? So "Richard Price writing as Harry Brandt" really doesn't do the trick, and seems a tad pretentious.

Having said that -- excellent book, and recommended if you like noir crime novels.

We also had a friend over for brunch, and initially Dave intended to cook. But like Yeats's falcon in its ever-widening spiral, our ambitious plans lost their center. We considered going to a nearby French bistro, and then staying in entirely and ordering takeaway Lebanese -- which is what we did. Mere anarchy loosed upon our brunch.

The mimosas probably contributed to our lack of motivation! We still have a boatload of champagne from our garden party several weeks ago. I don't know how we're ever going to drink it all. There's a magnum in our smallish European refrigerator, and apparently once you've chilled your champagne you don't want to let it go to room temperature again -- and of course once you've opened it you have to drink it all. So we're stuck with that huge bottle hogging our fridge space, until we have enough people around to help us polish it off. At one point we couldn't even close the door easily. With only three of us, we did not open the magnum yesterday.

I was interviewed by Time Out London for a piece on Bleeding London -- and specifically about my accordions photo, which they are said to be reprinting. I don't think the article is out yet, at least not as far as I can tell. Also, the BBC News Magazine used some of my pictures of the now-demolished Carlton Tavern, which was exciting, even though the pictures themselves are pretty straightforward. (Interesting article, too.)

Today I've got to pack for Florida! Shorts and t-shirts, I'm thinking!

(Photo: Harrow Road, west London.)


Elizabeth said...

Wow! Congrats on the BBC publication of your photos. They are spectacular, Steve -- and it's great that they'll get a wide view. I wish we could have a blogger party at your flat and drink that whole magnum of champagne. Wouldn't that be fun?

Ms. Moon said...

What Elizabeth said!!!!!

Steve Reed said...

OMG -- that WOULD be fun. Quick, someone invent a Star Trek transporter!

jenny_o said...

How great is that?! Awesome :)

Sharon said...

I'm with Elizabeth too! That would great fun!
Congrats on the publication. That is awesome.

Linda Sue said...

I would love to help you with your champagne problem! I love the photo of the red jacket guy with the beautifully colored chairs and PURPLE! The perspective is so good, like you are floating a little bit above.

Marty said...

Too much champagne! Talk about a first-world problem!
I do enjoy it's cousin, Proseco, from time to time and now I use a stopper thingy that's really intended to keep soda fizzy. Seems to work just fine and I don't have to chug the whole bottle at one sitting.
And major congratulations to you plunge into the media spotlight!

37paddington said...

I want to come to the blogger party at your apartment to help celebrate your fantastic photographs!

JennieB said...

A magnum is only equal to 2 normal bottles of champagne so four people could finish it off easily in an afternoon without being too inebriated. A magnum is supposed to be superior in quality to a bottle though, due to less air mixing with the contents (I think)

Steve Reed said...

Elizabeth, Ms Moon, Jenny and Sharon: Thanks for the kind words. A blogger party is the BEST solution! Let's figure out how to make it happen! :)

Linda Sue: I actually was a bit above the guy on the sidewalk, looking down from a nearby pedestrian overpass. I also have one with a guy in a purple shirt walking the other direction -- but I think this one is better.

Marty: I know! Isn't it ridiculous? Your soda-stopper might be a good solution.

37P: You are invited, absolutely! :)

Jennie: Well, ours will be hanging around a while longer. But the next time we have four people in the house, BAM -- we're getting rid of it! :)

e said...

Glad to know your wonderful photos are gaining a wider audience...enjoy the champagne.