Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A Few Last Garden Flowers

Although the season has turned -- it was supposed to have gotten down to about 43º F last night -- we still have a few brave flowers blooming in the garden. We have one last inula blossom, on a plant with yellowing leaves and dead, brown seed heads.

(By the way, did I mention that I found a forest clearing full of inula near our hotel during our recent trip to Oxfordshire? I was surprised to find it growing wild, but I suspect the plants were garden escapees.)

The fox and cubs is still going strong, and looking very autumnal to boot. We didn't mow them this year, so our little patch has lasted longer than usual.

We have some yarrow that Dave transplanted -- it was near death in the spring, having been gnawed by slugs, but he put it in a pot against a warm wall and it has flourished.

We also have some persistent fruit, like our tomatoes, which have been slowly ripening. We've harvested about 12 so far, and we have several more that ought to reach the edible stage. (With 43º nights, we may need to bring them inside and ripen them on the windowsill.)

Dave hates these tomatoes. He says they taste like cotton. But the fact that we grew them allows me to overlook their shortcomings.

Our passion flower vine has also produced fruit, though I'm told they're not the kind of passion fruit that can be eaten. Apparently the ornamental flower and the edible fruit come from different types of vine. I'm not a big fan of passion fruit anyway.

In other news, last night, Dave and I watched the latest presidential debate. Trump sounded more prepared, though he still descended into absurdity with his threats of jail and special prosecutors. I think Hills did a great job maintaining a presidential tone. I was so impressed with the audience member who asked the final question, prompting the candidates to find something positive to say about each other. It changed the mood of the entire evening and, I think, enabled them to shake hands at the end. That gesture of civility went a long way.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Trump seems to think that "Presidential Election" is a soap opera in which he is the alpha male, always right and never wrong. It is in his DNA to wriggle out of any tight corner and to turn the ghost of an apology into an accusation. He is like Teflonman and those who blindly support him are like the rats in "The Pied Piper of Hamelin". Come on Hillary! You can do it girl!...But afterwards, how will we find America?

Ms. Moon said...

I think Mr. Pudding said it very well.
It was a sickening event, that debate.
Fall is coming here too. It has actually been chilly here the last few mornings.

Sharon said...

As I was reading your blog, I was also listening to the radio and listening to more women defending Trump and saying things like "that's how men talk, get over it". I really don't know how we got here. I also agree with Yorkshire above. When Hillary wins, how will the country heal?

Shooting Parrots said...

I'm afraid I missed that last question with all the hoo-ha over that "I might be bad but your husband is worse" nonsense. What amazes me is how much Trump's ratings remain despite everything. Let's hope those out-takes from The Apprentice are leaked.

Elizabeth said...

These are such beautiful pictures and balm to my weary soul. Not only have I spent the last six days in the hospital with Sophie, but my blogroll disappeared, and I can't even add it back on!

Red said...

43 F? that's balmy!Right now we're minus 3 C (28 F). Our stuff is definitely gone.

Catalyst said...

Terrific photos of the garden flowers!

jenny_o said...

The yarrow blossoms are a beautiful colour; I didn't realize they would produce flowers like that.

If you want a wry take on the debate that might take your mind off the real thing (or might make you shudder because it's too close to the truth) try this: http://waitbutwhy.com/2016/10/second-presidential-debate.html

John Going Gently said...

You are definitely going to win next years flower show photography class x