Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Eye of the iPhone

Remember when I got my new phone about a month ago, and I decided I was going to try to do more with iPhone photography?

Well, I haven't. Not a lot, anyway.

But I have been using the phone on occasions when I don't have my big camera with me. I was initially underwhelmed with the results when looking at them on the phone itself. But now, having put them in my computer, I don't think they're too bad.

I've found that I can edit the photos, just as I would my camera shots. I can lighten shadows and correct perspectives. Not bad for a phone!

And then, because people have no originality:

I found both of those within a few days of each other. We as a society really need a new culturally agreed upon dust message!


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Though more politically correct, "This van needs cleaning" does not have the same comic effect. I cannot think of an alternative to match the traditional mischief contained in "I wish my wife was this dirty" but once I wrote "Team Bus" on the side of a dirty old van in Sheffield. Someone else had previously written "Sheffield Wednesday".

Marty said...

Well, it would be difficult to write "I wish more people's thoughts were this clean" on a sparkling vehicle - unless you had brought something to deface it with.

Ms. Moon said...

I am regularly astounded (in a good way) at how my iPhone photos often come out. My phone has allowed me to begin to learn about taking a photo that I never would have done with a camera because I was intimidated. This has to be a good thing, right? Maybe?

Red said...

Most people rave about the quality of photo they get with an iphone. And to think that less than 20 years ago there were no cameras in your phone.

John Going Gently said...

I love off the. Uff humour like these

Sharon said...

A great group of shots. That shadow of the tree in the first shot looks a bit menacing.

Lesley UK said...

How come your blog shows up twice at my e-mail address? several hours between I might add. Are you stalking me? Just asking. PS love your pics!

Lesley UK said...

PS Every time I've pressed 'I am not a robot' today it's taken ages for a 'tick' to appear. What's happening? Am I being taken over by an alien lifeform? My family wouldn't be surprised.

The Bug said...

That top tree is like a giant hand - menacing is right! But those blues - lovely!

A Cuban In London said...

Great photos. Isn't it funny that we now buy phones thinking of photography instead of making phone calls, which, after all, is their primary function? :-)

Greetings from London.

PS: Lesley UK, you don't have to press "I am not a robot". I don't and my comment goes through as normal.

Lesley UK said...

Hello Cuban in London. Sadly, nothing I do is normal

Lesley UK said...

Anyway, it reassures me that I am not yet a robot, although some days it feels like I am.

jenny_o said...

I really like the tree shadow photo and the one of the reflections in the car hood. And I thought there was already a universal comment to write in the dust: Wash Me. It's the only one I've ever seen!

Lesley UK: The requirement to tick or not tick "I'm not a robot" may have to do with which browser or which account you use to sign in. I use Firebox browser and Google account (gmail) and do not have to tick "I'm not a robot" to leave a comment, so if you have the option to try one or both of those it may solve your problem.

Lesley UK said...

Jenny, honestly it's not a problem. It affirms 'I am not a robot, therefore I am.
Am, what? varies from day to day, and the wine intake. Thanks for taking the time to help. Blessings

Lesley UK said...

Oh Gawd, now it's asking me to tick which box has an apartment building in it. I think I've now officially entered the Twilight Zone.

Sabine said...

Great pictures as always, Steve, esp. the big shadow one. And fabulous news: season 2 of Humans!

Catalyst said...

I have found the camera on my Android phone to be better than my Nikon Coolpix ccamera at times. Love the odd shadows in your first photo.

37paddington said...

The photos are wonderful! They are every bit as engaging as those taken with your other camera because the eye and the sensibility behind them is the same. I also love the deeper color saturation one sometimes gets with an iPhone camera. Most of all i love having a camera at the ready at all times.

ellen abbott said...

They can take surprisingly good pictures.

Alphie Soup said...

Most entertaining part of your post today Steve?

The comments - especially the Lesley UK saga - I know just how she feels when confronted with photos and a simple question, I always sweat the small stuff, fearing I will get it WRONG!!


Steve Reed said...

YP: I suppose it's better than "Wash me." Maybe.

Marty: Ha! That's an interesting idea!

Ms Moon: Yes! It's a good thing!

Red: The quality isn't as great when you zoom the lens -- and the wide-angle perspective can be a problem sometimes. But yeah, these cameras are MUCH better than they used to be!

John: Me too!

Sharon: Thanks! Yeah, I love that shadow.

Lesley: That's very weird, about my blog showing up twice. Did you sign up twice, maybe? In any case, you certainly don't have to READ it twice. :) And I get those weird "not a robot" things when I comment on other blogs -- sometimes I have to tick the boxes with street signs and that kind of thing. I didn't realize MY blog had that feature. In any case, I appreciate your patience. (Apparently you've got the hang of it, having commented several times!)

Bug: Very Halloween-like!

Cuban: Hello! Where in London are you?! Yeah, cameras are definitely a prime consideration these days.

Jenny-O: "Wash Me" is even less original, although definitely less sexist. :)

Sabine: Thanks! I haven't watched Humans yet. Should I give it a whirl?

Catalyst: Yeah, I'm sure newer phones are better than older digital cameras. Kind of amazing!

37P: Thanks! Phone cameras are undoubtedly handier. I'm really going to try to use mine more. I didn't think it was working out too well until I downloaded these photos and decided they were pretty good after all!

Ellen: Indeed!

Alphie: The comments have really run amok on this post! LOL! I don't think I've ever had so many on a single post. Thanks, Lesley! :)