Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Yellow Bus

Once again, I got my butt to French class yesterday morning. Right up until I left the house I entertained notions of playing hooky -- I hadn't done my homework for a variety of stupid reasons, and I just didn't feel motivated. But I worked on it while I ate breakfast and I got enough done that I thought I could justifiably put in an appearance. I don't know why I fight myself about this every week.

(And then whine about it, which I'm sure you love.)

I was going to do a photo walk afterwards, but the weather looked dicey and I was carrying my books so I came home. Instead I put Olga on a lead and took her to Hampstead Heath, where she ran and ran after squirrels real and imaginary, working off a lot of accumulated energy.

Which is a good thing, because today's forecast calls for a 100% chance of rain. Photo- or dog-walking will probably be impossible.

Olga and I found a groovy VW bus on our walk. Olga even figured out a clever way to get herself into the picture:

Such an attention hog.

I was just reading the Times and marveling at Trump's latest attempts to get attention by inferring that Hillary Clinton was on drugs during the last presidential debate. The man is insane.

I do, however, approve of Cover Girl's recent move to hire a makeup-loving boy as its newest "face." The modern embrace of gender fluidity is a fabulous thing -- it more truly reflects us all as humans, and any time we break down lines and barriers we're moving toward that common humanity. (I'm sure some suits at the corporate level are more interested in developing the gigantic, untapped male makeup market! Being generally anti-makeup for everybody, I can't see it on myself, though. Or maybe just a little eyeliner?)


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Yes. I think some eyeliner would suit you Steve... plus some peach-coloured blusher and crimson lipstick. Eyelash extensions should also be considered plus a Marilyn Monroe wig.

By the way, that late King of Thailand loved VW camper vans and bizarrely had a collection of them in a garage at his Dusit Place in Bangkok. (I am not kidding)

Linda Sue said...

This is the van I desire, I could park it in front of your house and use your electricity and toilet, yes, I could be very happy there! Loving the fluid gender attention, it has always been but now is acceptable main stream, and bashing is a crime. Loving this direction. As for parking in front of your house...get ready, (Taking my que from Maggie smith ,of course-lady in the van)

Marty said...

We came home to Massachusetts from California in a baby blue VW bus in 1973 post-Army with our two year-0ld and newborn. Loved that bus. As for make-up, all you have to do is see Bette Davis playing Queen Elizabeth to understand the value of eyeliner.

ellen abbott said...

my first husband had a VW van when we met. unfortunately I wrecked it driving of the snowy streets of Chicago. it didn't look that badly dented to me as I wasn't going that fast when I hit the car in front of me but his mother claimed that it was totaled and they didn't fix it.

Trump is just spinning out of control. everything he is accused of he accuses Hillary of. twitter was going nuts about his sniffing and cocaine use so of course he accused Hillary of being on drugs. and now he is going on about how the election is rigged and they are stealing it from him. I hope they do try to rise up in arms. maybe then something will be done about all the guns.

Ms. Moon said...

Mick and Keith have been wearing make up for years.

Red said...

Now that's a cool bus. You made me look hard to find Olga's picture. Good one!

Sharon said...

I never owned a VW bus but, they were certainly the icon of my youth. I always dreamed of having one to travel around the country in. However, at that time, my dad had a real aversion to any foreign vehicle. He did eventually get over that.

Lesley UK said...

Men with eye-makeup? Yes! Lipstick? Big no! no! Don't like to see it on women either.

jenny_o said...

I always enjoy your perceptive comments on the state of the world, Steve!

Alphie Soup said...

I'm so pleased you persevere with your French classes; it's so easy to miss a class (my third choice of words - the others seemed to be too open to misinterpretation) especially when you haven't done any homework.

There are always so many other things to do....


Steve Reed said...

YP: My dad also loved VW vans. (Any kind of VW, actually.) But not being a king, he didn't have a multitude of vans -- just VW beetles. I think the Marilyn Monroe wig might be a bridge too far. Call me cautious.

Linda Sue: You can be a Lady in the Van in front of our house any time! :)

Marty: That sounds like a memorable trip! I would love to drive cross-country in the USA again. I did it as a teenager, with my family, and I loved it. (Well, I rode -- I didn't drive.)

Ellen: It sounds like his mother wanted to get rid of that van! And yes, Trump is out of control. The more he says, the more desperate and unpresidential he appears. He's self-destructing.

Ms Moon: True! It's been a thing in Rock N' Roll for ages. Bowie, for God's sake! Duran Duran!

Red: I honestly didn't even know Olga was in that picture until I got home and began processing my shots. She sneaks in every now and then.

Sharon: You should have tagged along with Marty! :)

Lesley: Yeah, I agree. Lipstick is kind of gross. I really do think most people look better with no makeup at all.

Jenny-O: Well, thanks, but I'm not sure how perceptive they are. :)

Alphie: I'm intrigued about what your first two choices of words were! :)

The Bug said...

OK, I am this || close to quitting makeup. Although I think it does improve my appearance... Fortunately I'm getting to be of an age where the improvement won't really be all that dramatic, so why bother.

Love that van! I learned to drive on one of those - good times!

Lesley UK said...

My husband questions why any woman needs 5 pairs of false eyelashes. Poor Dear. He'll understand one day!