Friday, January 13, 2017

Winter Weather

Yesterday evening's forecast called for snow, and that is indeed what we got -- clumpy, wet snow that melted when it hit the ground. Our back garden is coated in a very thing sugar-dusting of white, and the cars have an icy sheen, but otherwise it didn't seem to stick. I haven't been outside yet this morning, but I guess when I walk the dog I'll find out if the sidewalks (or "pavements," as I have been instructed to call them in England) are icy.

We're supposed to get more sleet and snow later this morning, just in time to make my walk to work an adventure. I really can't complain, though -- elsewhere in England they're bracing for high winds and coastal flooding.

Two nights ago I was lying in bed when I woke to the sound of some small animal howling. The moon was bright, and I crept out to the living room to see if I could see anything in the back garden. Something was definitely paying tribute to that big bright moon, and I doubt any of my neighbors left their small dogs outside at that hour.

According to this enormously entertaining article, foxes can howl, and my guess is that's what I heard. (If you click that link, be sure to check out the videos, including the Norwegian pop song -- head-spinningly weird.)

Thanks for all your concern about Dave. He went to the doctor yesterday, and the diagnosis was virus with secondary bacterial lung infection. He's on antibiotics now. So far I'm OK, but we'll see if that lasts!

(Photo: My walk home from work yesterday.)


Shooting Parrots said...

That video confirms my view that Norwegians are seriously weird! I'm not entirely sure that elephants "go toot" but I do recognise the screamy-howl of the fox at night.

Anonymous said...

A howling in your garden? Fascinating and scary at the same time.

Best wishes again to Dave and stay healthy , Steve!

e said...

I'm sorry Dave has a virus and a lung infection, and I hope you get to work okay on foot!

Anonymous said...

That video, it's weird, but I like it.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Ahem! I did not "instruct" you to turn "sidewalks" into 'pavements". As a member of the host community I gently advised you in order to assist your assimilation into English society. Think of it is a well-meaning gift from a kindly uncle. Here are a few more helpful translations:-
gas petrol
purse handbag
pants trousers
hood (car) bonnet
trunk (car) boot
cat pussy
fart TRUMP

John Going Gently said...

Watch his chest.....bad pheumonia bug is around x

Ms. Moon said...

Poor Dave! You're right- he can't catch a break!
Have you guys watched "The Crown" on Netflix? Glen and I are watching it and are taken in by it. I think you'd like it.
Foxes howl? Well, why not?

Cheryl West said...

I do hope that Dave is now on the mend and that you stay healthy.
Be careful on your walk to work, hope it's not slippery.

ellen abbott said...

Dave does seem to get more than his fair share of ailments. Comes from teaching I guess, being around germ factories all day. interesting about the fox.

Sharon said...

That really does look like a very cold and miserable walk home. That was certainly a big and bright moon a couple of days ago. Something to howl at for sure.

The Bug said...

I love that video - and thanks for getting it stuck in my head again - ha! And YP is totally hilarious.

Hope Dave's ailment goes away quickly - & doesn't pass through you first!

jenny_o said...

Antibiotics should help Dave feel better fairly fast - it's good he got it looked after promptly. Good luck in dodging the virus yourself.

Wear a hat and scarf! That's the best advice I can give anyone to keep the cold weather at bay. It's surprising how cold you can feel if your neck and head are bare.

Linda Sue said...

Sending Dave good health Ju-ju, Lung infections are the WORST and when he gets better maybe get a pneumonia immunization. Supposed to be good for life and so worth it! Stay well!

Red said...

Wet snow ? Terrible stuff! Dry powdery snow? Awesome!

Lynne said...

Foxes can make the most inhumane sounding noises. We had them in NJ and they were downright creepy. Last night and tonight we have the Wolf Moon but we didn't hear anything.