Sunday, July 8, 2018

London Pride 2018

London's LGBTQ (and whatever other letters go there) Pride Parade was yesterday, and as usual I headed into town to see the action. I got off the tube at Oxford Street and walked my way down Regent Street and through Piccadilly to Trafalgar Square.

I met plenty of interesting celebrants along the way!

I couldn't see much of the parade itself -- the crowd was three or four or more people deep all along the route. I watched for a while, but mostly walked among the crowds. And there were lots of crowds.

Pride is just such a fun event. Everyone is glittery and colorful and the sun was out and it was just happiness, happiness, happiness everywhere. (And alcohol, too. This spangly guy was enjoying a G&T in a can, and good for him.)

This man was standing on the Eros statue at Piccadilly Circus, sharing his, um, enthusiasm with the world.

One of the best things about Pride is how mixed it is. You get every race, every age, every ability, every body type and everyone isn't just getting along but truly loving each other.

And as we all know, Love Trumps Hate.

I saw one guy wearing a blonde wig and a shirt that said, "Harry, why wasn't it me?" (Harry prefers brunettes, obviously. I'm sure that was the only reason.) Alas, I wasn't fast enough to get his picture.

And then, to top off this fabulous day, England won its football match yesterday afternoon, bringing us ever closer to World Cup victory. This is getting serious, folks! Even I am paying attention.


  1. What was your Pride costume like Steve? I am guessing a star-spangled leotard. Also - what a surprise to see Briony from "Crafty Cats Corner" in the second picture!

  2. I went to London Pride years ago, loved it. Thanks for your pictures bringing back memories.

  3. Thanks for the great photos. I needed the positivity and joy these photos project.

  4. I love these photos so much. This ebullient joy is absolutely the best balance to the times we are living. What a great parade!

  5. Pride days here and lots of fun. Our premier was front and center in her participation and support.

  6. This is what the world should be like...

  7. Wonderful costumes and make-up! Good photography, Steve.

  8. What great pictures!! Echoing e: "this is what the world should be like..."

  9. What great photos! I love the guy in the last photo, he has great lashes and a wonderful necklace. You are so right about the happiness. Pride parades are always surround by colorful frivolity and much happiness.

  10. I'll go one day. I promise myself

  11. So glad! Love London and it's enthusiasm! A lot of thought goes into the celebration, the parade, the enormous flag. Love this post, Steve, so happy you went...and that you are gay. It is the best!!

  12. Fun day (sorry I was out of touch with the inter webs yesterday). Pride parades beat every other parade for joyousness and righteousness.

  13. kind of like Mardi Gras for the other gendered! looks fun and full of happiness. I love the way the guy standing on the statue is holding his hands/fingers. you'd never see a straight man's hands displayed so elegantly.

  14. Love your pride pictures! Such a joyful post! And yes, we're watching World Cup over here, too. England usually wipes out early, I gather, but is turning in a much more dominant performance this year! Exciting!

  15. YP: You'll notice I did not provide a photo of myself. I want to keep you all guessing!

    Meanqueen: You are welcome! There's never a dull moment at Pride!

    Colette: Yeah, I needed that jolt of positivity too.

    Robin: They are a nice antidote to these times we're living!

    Red: The mayor of London (and probably other political figures as well) was in this parade, but I didn't see him.

    E: Right?!

    Catalyst: Thanks! Some of these people must have spent hours getting ready.

    Jenny-O: Thanks!

    Sharon: I think London's supply of false eyelashes must be seriously depleted by now.

    John: Definitely go! You must!

    Linda Sue: I agree. It is the best. For me, anyway. :)

    Vivian: Well, we gays have had a lot of practice staging such events. And let's face it -- we are party-givers. :)

    Ellen: Ha! I was struck by his hands in that pose as well.

    37P: It IS exciting. Everybody is running around chanting, "It's coming home!"