Friday, July 6, 2018


Remember the other day, when I mentioned finding a pile of Beanie Babies, trolls and other toys on a bench?

Well, at the time, I didn't disturb them. Eventually the Beanie Babies and many of the other toys vanished. The trolls, however, hung around for days, seemingly unwanted. They were getting scattered and unkempt -- even more unkempt than trolls usually look.

Clearly they had been wanted, at some point, because several of them had been named. (And dated, I assume when they were acquired.)

I couldn't stand the thought of all these plastic objects going in the trash -- and besides, aren't they collectible? Maybe? I put them in a plastic bag and brought them home. When I showed them to Dave, he said:


So I knew I couldn't keep them around the house for long.

Dave said this one reminded him of Donald Trump.

After I cleaned them up a bit, I put them back in the bag and took them to a Children's Society thrift shop. I figured if anyone would know what to do with them, they might. Surely they'll at least get more exposure (so to speak; they're almost all already naked) there than they would on an isolated park bench.


  1. They used to be very popular. We had 2 little ones on the side of our bath when the kids were small.

  2. That troll does not look anything like Donald Trump. The troll's hands are bigger and he has a larger penis than Trump... I applaud you for cleaning the trolls up and taking them to a charity shop. Well done Steve!

  3. The first troll photo would make a great jigsaw puzzle. All those wonderful colours,shapes and sizes.


  4. Interesting that no one wanted them, they used to be quite the rage. They are happy little things, aren't they?

  5. I'm sure that someone will find them in a charity shop and do something very artistic with them. It's awfully nice of you to rescue those dolls, from landfill and from neglect.

  6. Oh -- and YAY!! Scott Pruitt is out of the EPA!!!! Now, I hope they prosecute his ass to the max.

  7. That is a lot of trolls. Good for you for taking them to the charity shop. I see the resemblance between that orange headed troll and a certain orange headed troll who is in the news every day.

  8. When I was a child and the trolls first appeared, I wanted one more than anything in this world. Why I was never able to get one is beyond me.
    They just seemed so tidy and weird and their hair was so great.
    I'm proud of you, Steve for rescuing all of those trolls. I hope some child who really wants one like I did can now how one.

  9. OMG that made me laugh Steve. well, they are more likely to find a home at the thrift shop.

  10. Dave's comment made me laugh out loud. I would have said the same thing. Good rescue of those little trolls and wonderful to take them to the thrift store. Love that Donald Trump lookalike!

  11. We are a very throw away society. Somehow throw away has to end or this earth will die.

  12. At least you did not feed the trolls.

  13. I MIGHT have squeed when I saw that tiniest troll in the middle of the picture. So adorable! I'm glad you rescued them :)

  14. The leaver had some sort of message to share which has been lost me thinks x

  15. Both of our kids had dozens of trolls - they went through a stage of collecting them and bought them with their allowance and gift money. I had ONE from the 1970s, which I still have. It had long silky hair instead of fuzzy stickey-out hair. Anyway, all that to say this: I'm glad you rescued them. Dave should be proud of you, not eye-rolling! Like Red said, we are too much of a throw away world.

    And personally I think that was an insult to the troll :)

  16. You are hilarious. I have a black-haired troll on one of the shelves over my desk. I can't bear to get rid of it. I love Dave's response and how you told it.

  17. Linda Sue: Right?!

    Frances: I remember them being huge in the '70s. My friends had them.

    YP: Ha! I thought the same thing about the hands...and I suppose, by inference, about the rest.

    Alphie: That's a good idea! There's a photo shop near us that makes puzzles from photos. Maybe I could make one for my nieces?

    Colette: I know! I'm sure they're collectible to someone. I think it's just a matter of connecting them with the right person.

    Vivian: I hope someone finds some benificial purpose for them! And YES, I'm so glad to see Pruitt gone!

    Sharon: I wonder what the collective noun for a bunch of trolls is?

    Ms Moon: I could have mailed you one! Or 30! :)

    Ellen: I hope so.

    Robin: Yeah, sometimes I wonder how Dave puts up with my urban foraging. :)

    Red: It's ridiculous, isn't it?!

    Sabine: No, I did not feed them. They have to sustain themselves somewhere else.

    Bug: The variety is amazing, isn't it? There's even a little dinosaur-shaped troll with a furry back! (Upper right, hard to see.)

    John: Maybe they're spending a lot of time online these days and they've had too much experience with trolls!

    Jenny-O: I bet your troll really IS collectible. Probably worth something.

    Catalyst: Ha!

    Elizabeth: I could see having one. But only one. Not a whole bag of them!