Saturday, July 14, 2018

No to Trump -- and Brexit!

I went to the massive, MASSIVE anti-Trump protest in London yesterday. The crowds were YUGE, whether Trump wants to admit it or not, and it was heartening to see so many thousands of people who cared enough to make signs, march and protest.

In the morning, Dave and I went down to Parliament Square to see the "Trump Baby" blimp, with its tiny hands and Tweeting phone, hover over the crowds.

The blimp was minded by "Trump Babysitters" like this one, in the process of being interviewed. There were also pro-Europe flags and ant-Brexit fliers -- for many Londoners Trump and Brexit correctly go hand-in-hand as part of the same wrong-headed global movement.

Then we went back home, and a few hours later I set out for the main march along Regent Street and down to Trafalgar Square. It's roughly the same route followed by the much more glittery LGBTQ Pride parade the weekend before.

Before the marching began, we congregated along Portland Place, where there were speeches by several people (I have no idea who because we couldn't see them) saying something (I have no idea what because none of us could hear them). This dragged on for about an hour, which annoyed a lot of us, but finally we got moving around 3 p.m.

There were many, many creative signs:

I loved how blunt some of the signs were. For every clever slogan ("God Save the Queen from the Rotten Tangerine") and piece of careful artwork, there were signs that said "Piss Off" or "Fuck Off Nazi Punks." I saw one that said "Fuck Off Pee Brain." Somehow these were even more amusing than the clever ones.

And the turnout did not disappoint. Easily tens of thousands of people -- I couldn't even begin to guesstimate how many were there...

...but Trafalgar Square and the surrounding streets were full to overflowing. Surely this must be a record demonstration against any sitting foreign leader.

I met up with our pal Mike and his daughter, Sorren, who also marched, and we all went down to Greenwich for dinner. Dave came down by train to join us, and had a little dust-up with some drunk guys on the train who challenged him over a "Bollocks to Brexit" sticker on his shirt (which he got at the Trump Baby event in the morning). Apparently it turned into a big argument among several people on a train platform which, Dave said, the anti-Brexit group ultimately won. Scary!

I saw no sign of counterprotesters at all, though it's been reported that there will be some kind of right-wing demonstration today. I'm steering clear.


  1. I love that teeny tiny little "just f off" sign. Ha! Nice to see so many demonstrators. I am just disgusted and dumbfounded every single time I see and hear the buffoon. He is a daily embarrassment and I really just do not understand how people see and hear the same things and yet clap and smile and cheer for him. It's mind boggling.

  2. Ha Ha thanks for the laughs! Some of those signs are hilarious! -Kate

  3. According to both Fox News and a spokesman from Trump Tower in New York, there were seventeen people at the anti-Trump demonstration in London.

  4. Well done for going out twice on the day. The sign that gave me a laugh (as shown in our local paper): "After all you're just a prick with no wall."

  5. Good for you! So glad you went. It is important to stand up and be heard. I read another blogger's post this morning where she wrote that the anti-Trump movement was more of a "protest too much" kind of thing...that he will be gone in 4 years, etc. That train of thought is mind-boggling to me. And spoken by someone who must not understand politics. The changes this brute is making, on a daily basis, are horrendous; environmental actions being overturned, to give just one small example, that have widespread effects. And appointing 2 Supreme Court justices? Dear god. So, again, good for you for marching against this travesty.

  6. Great coverage, Steve. I wish there would be more of it on the news.
    On another note, when I lived in
    London as a teen many, many years ago, I got ski klutz of being an American there. Nowadays I'd worry about opening my mouth for fear people would find me out. In today's world it's downright embarrassing.

  7. It would appear to me from the pictures I've seen that there were far more people at this protest than there were at Trump's inauguration. I can't say how very, very grateful I am to London for showing up and protesting this piece of sh*t who has become the president of the US. MY favorite sign was "My cat could poop a better president."

  8. I'm surprised that there was such a big turnout and so many signs. Trump may claim he ignores the demonstrations but I'm sure his people watch very carefully.

  9. good for you. so glad to see other countries protesting that destructive whiner.

  10. If you can't see them, those are hands applauding.

  11. Thanks for this photoessay on the protests. I was so happy to see how many people turned out, and yes, the signs were fabulous. I hope that baby blimp follows the orange baby all through his stolen presidency. A version of it made it to Scotland this morning. I hope they ship those baby blimp balloons everywhere!

  12. Thank you for the coverage on this, Steve, thank you for going, and it is encouraging that so many people showed up! I do love the signs! My cat COULD poop a better president! As an American, it is truly embarrassing and ridiculous that this fool is "in charge" and we can hope the message is received when thousands protest.

  13. THANK YOU THANK YOU, you and Dave, for showing up and adding to the heft of the world's disapproval and disgust with this POS.

    THANK YOU London for starting the world-wide shaming of this corrupt and evil administration.

  14. Yes! Thank you for showing up. He's just a horrible being, I'm not sure he's human. Everyday it's worse. His behavior with the Queen was just disgusting and disrespectful.

  15. Thank you so much! REPRESENT! Your photos are hilarious and reaffirming , LOVE the subtle tiny "hands" sign. THAT was a perfect Friday the thirteenth- and then the awkwardness at Windsor. Great DAY!
    Thanks for going and posting! Have a great holiday , travel well, come back in one piece!

  16. I love this! Thank you for marching in the streets to protest the dangerously insane person we now have in the White House. He needs to know how many people seriously detest him. His crazy overly-inflated ego needs a good bashing. (My favorite sign: My cat could poop a better president.)

  17. I LOVE this post. I've been in California since Thursday, two days in LA and now I'm in Newport for a week. After the long drive down here in stop and go traffic, your post was sheer pleasure. Thank you so much for representing the rest of us at that giant rally. I love the baby blimp. It's perfect.

  18. Another thank yo,u from here, for joining the protest. Organizers estimated 100,000 people attended, and even if they were on the high side, they still had an excellent turnout.

  19. Tammy: I agree. It's amazing that people can hear the same things we hear and think positively of him!

    Kate: The creativity on display at this march was truly impressive!

    YP: FAKE NEWS! I heard it was fifteen.

    Sabine: Yeah, I saw that one too! The Pink Floyd model!

    Elle: Yeah, to my mind, this is no ordinary Republican president. This guy is a dangerous extremist, surrounded in his administration by even more dangerous extremists. He must be opposed at every turn.

    Marty: "Ski klutz?" What now? Seriously, apparently the US embassy advised American visitors to be careful during the demonstration period for fear Brits would challenge them as Trump supporters! I think people are smarter than that, though. They know a hell of a lot of Americans oppose Trump.

    Ms Moon: I haven't seen an official count, although Jenny-O below reports that organizers claim 100,000 people came. From what I saw, that could easily be true.

    Colette: Indeed!

    Red: Absolutely. He and his people are paying attention.

    Ellen: He is a GLOBAL problem!

    Catalyst: Thank you! (Bowing.) How did you make those little clappy hands?!

    37P: Seriously, they would be great at protests all over the world, wouldn't they? I hope some go to the States, though I'm afraid there they'd just get shot out of the sky.

    Stillwater: I think part of my reason for feeling so compelled to go is that I am extremely embarrassed by Trump. I still can't believe this has happened to our country and our planet.

    Vivian: I'm sure this won't be the last demonstration, either!

    Allison: As Dave said to me, "I can understand him having political positions that are contrary to mine, but why does he have to be such a DICK?" I would love to know what the Queen was thinking.

    Linda Sue: Wasn't that tiny sign hilarious?!

    Robin: I'm sure he will rationalize this away, just as he does all other opposition. But still, it's important to turn out!

    Sharon: The baby blimp was genius.

    Jenny-O: I think that could easily be an accurate number. I was amazed at how many people where there.