Tuesday, January 22, 2019

All Olga, All the Time

Since we dealt with relatively weighty topics yesterday, let's have a fun pictorial post about THE DOG! Because, after all, you don't get enough of those.

I took Olga walking on Sunday morning, as usual, and we found an abandoned foam ball near the "Black Path" that runs alongside the train tracks in West Hampstead. She promptly and enthusiastically tore it to pieces. (Don't worry -- I picked up the shrapnel.)

It didn't take long for her to find a second ball -- a tennis ball on the street outside the Alliance pub. She carried it to Fortune Green, where she promptly demolished it, too.

Then, as we walked past the gates to Hampstead Cemetery, she got very upset at one of the spherical metal braces that stop the gates from swinging open too far (kind of like a doorstop). Do you see it there, just past the bars on the right? She was convinced that sphere was yet another ball, and she barked and barked at it.

We found an interesting poster for an all-female music festival. Olga wants a pink vinyl dress, too.

Later in the afternoon we walked to Hampstead Heath. We found a small conifer planted where I don't remember a conifer a few weeks ago. I'm thinking it's someone's live Christmas tree. But maybe it's been there a while and I just never noticed it before.

The day was beautiful...

...and we both took full advantage of that rare winter sun!


Yorkshire Pudding said...

You should think about creating a range of children's books - "The Olga Series". Who knows - it could be picked up and turned into cartoons or maybe a feature film. Ideas for book titles:- "Olga Goes to Fortune Green", "Olga Goes to Hampstead Heath", "Olga and The Squirrel", "Olga and a horny bulldog called Tyson". Maybe not the last one.

Ms. Moon said...

"Olga Joins An All Female Band".
Mr. P. may be on to something.
She's such a good companion, isn't she?

The Bug said...

Olga would look adorbs in a pink vinyl dress!

Sharon said...

Olga has to be the happiest dog anywhere. All that exercise, great things to tear apart and bark at, what more could a dog want. Oh, a pink vinyl dress, I forgot.

Anonymous said...

I love Olga's enthusiasm. She really does like a good walk and plenty of round things to tear up.

Red said...

When dogs are awake they are great entertainers.

ellen abbott said...

am so envious that you have a place like Hampstead Green so close. I go to the local Episcopal church resale shop for small plush toys for Minnie at 25¢ apiece making sure they have no plastic for eyes or beads insides. she eventually get a hole in them big enough and then delights in pulling out all the stuffing. lately I've just been stuffing it all back in so the toys last longer.

Catalyst said...

"Olga and Her New Pink Dress". Surely an Oscar winner.

jenny_o said...

I for one can never get enough Olga pictures! I love the last one. There is magic in it somehow -- it has movement even though it's a still photo.

How funny that she thought the gate stop was another ball. Poor girl!

Sue said...

Olga is a beauty! I think having pets is one of the great joys of life for many of us.

Steve Reed said...

YP: We think Olga might be a lesbian. Tyson may not be her type.

Ms Moon: Now THAT I could see!

Bug: LOL! Right?

Sharon: She's easy to please!

Robin: She's very enthusiastic, for sure.

Red: That is the funniest comment, and so true. She's asleep like 18 hours a day.

Ellen: We've tried giving Olga plush toys and she doesn't like them much. I think she really likes balls because they bounce and roll.

Catalyst: Ha! Who will write the theme song?

Jenny-O: I always think of you when I post Olga pics because I know you like them!

Sue: Definitely! I can't imagine not having a pet. I've pretty much always had one, either dog or cat.