Saturday, January 12, 2019

The Right Chair

Olga has an upset stomach this morning. There's lots of gurgling going on, and she demanded to be let out at 5 a.m. She probably ate something mysterious, as is typical for her. She seems better now, having spent twenty minutes foraging for grass in the garden.

Do you remember our wayward recliner? I'm sure you don't, because I barely remembered it myself. Last year, I ordered Dave a La-Z-Boy recliner for his 50th birthday. I placed the order in May, with his birthday at the end of June. I thought it might come in time. (Ha!)

It finally arrived at the beginning of September, and when it did, it was the wrong chair. (Click the link above for the whole story.) So we sent it back in exchange for the correct one. And we waited some more.

To be honest, I pretty much forgot about the whole thing. Every once in a while I'd think, "Oh, I've got to find out where that chair is." And then life would intervene and another week or two would pass. In late December I got an e-mail from the furniture company thanking me for my order, which seemed odd, since I hadn't recently been in touch with them.

I finally called early this week, and lo and behold, the chair was finished. (I guess that's what I was supposed to infer from that thank-you e-mail?)

The delivery guys showed up yesterday, parked illegally across the street, carried the chair past our neighbor's discarded Christmas tree and up our front steps, and through the house to our living room. They unwrapped it and set it up and voila, Dave finally has a recliner.

Last night, he ooohed and aaaahed as he sat down and reclined, and then he fell asleep during "The Romanoffs" (which I love, by the way) and he wound up sleeping in the chair at least part of the night. When I went to bed I tried to wake him up and he wouldn't budge. I guess he likes it!

(Photo: A windowsill in the library as I was locking up last night, around 4:58 p.m.)


Frances said...

A photo of this elusive chair please ! With Dave in it preferably.

crafty cat corner said...

Wow, that's a long, long time to wait for a chair but it must have been worth it if Dave was so comfy that he actually slept in it. lol
Lovely leaf and reflection.
Goiong to give 'The Romanoffs' a go tonight as tv is abysmal.
Have a good weekend.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

As Frances exclaimed - A photo of the "Elusive" chair please! I thought it was going to be a "La-Z-Boy" and not an "Elusive". "Elusive" chairs are much cheaper and made in Vietnam sweatshops by Cambodian slave children.

Marty said...

Yes, those recliners can wrap you in their tentacles in no time.
Watched several of the Romanoffs - what I found unusual was how different each episode was from the previous one. Different stories, characters, but also styles.

Joanne said...

Another wonderful photograph. The leaves, the colors, the juxtaposition are beautiful. It looks like a painting. Loved your story! I think I get how Dave feels. I recently purchased my first recliner and I cannot believe I waited so long. There is something magical about recliners. Better for the body to be outstretched. The movie theater I go to to watch the Met Opera's cinema casts even has recliner seats!

Ms. Moon said...

If for some reason Glen can't sleep in the bed, he takes his pillow and blanket and goes and sleeps in his chair. Usually he can't sleep because I'm snoring.
He also spends a lot of time practicing for sleep in that chair. As in napping.
I think that La-Z-Boy is August's favorite place in the world if his Boppy is beside him in it and they're watching TV together.
I never sit in that chair. Ever. Just would seem wrong.

Vivian said...

I have La-Z-Boy.... nothing compares.

Red said...

The group may be able to make a very good chair but their logistic skill needs some work.

ellen abbott said...

well yay! the chair finally arrived. when we were shopping for a new couch way back when, we ended up with what is basically two wide recliners stuck together. first time for us to have recliners.

love that photo of the leaf. well done.

Sharon said...

I had forgotten about that chair and I supposed I thought you already had it. Yikes, that took a long time. You would think they could have built hundreds of chairs in that length of time.

Anonymous said...

That was a long wait for the chair, but it sounds perfect. Makes me want to get one.

Catalyst said...

I'm with the others. A photo, please.

jenny_o said...

Wow - that's a long time to wait for a chair. But it's being fully appreciated, which is a somewhat balancing outcome!

That leaf is beautiful. It reminds me that I photographed some leaves a long, long, LONG time ago, intending to do a post. I should look them up and see if the shots stood the test of time.

37paddington said...

After so much time, it must be a relief that the recliner is just a hit with Dave. I do love a recliner.

John Going Gently said...

Your narrative of gay relationships ..prick me xxx

Fresca said...

LOL--you have such a demanding audience! I know because I am one of them. I don't need a chair photo, but I did request a needlepoint fish photo a while back.
You are loved. :)

David said...

Yes, I am with the others - a photo of the chair or it didn't happen. Still can't believe it took so long. Like you I had forgotten about the chair, or assumed it had been delivered long ere this.

Sue said...

I'm vertically challenged so to speak, and I've never found a recliner to be comfortable. They all make my head jut forward at an odd angle for some reason! My good friend, who is also short, has made the same comment. Glad you've finally received yours and it sounds like it's a good fit for Dave! Hope he has many happy naps in it.