Saturday, January 26, 2019

Miscellaneous Stuff

Well, not much happened around here yesterday, so let's just look at some miscellaneous pictures.

First, some random stuff I found while walking Olga. (I didn't keep any of it!) Last weekend I came across this little shred of a demolished dog toy on Hampstead Heath. I recognized it right away because I found a whole one of the same style a couple of years ago.

And look at this -- a VCR! Haven't seen one of those in a while.

You can't tell what this is, in its zip-tied pink plastic House of Fraser bag, but it's a discarded toilet seat with a "find the surfer" theme. I guess somewhere among all those cartoon sharks there's a surfer. I didn't try to find him. I also wasn't even slightly tempted to keep the seat, although if it came from House of Fraser it's quite posh. I have my limits.

One of our neighbors down the street cleared a huge quantity of ivy off one of his/her trees and garden walls, and this neat little birdhouse appeared. Was it always there, buried beneath the vines? This neighbor has a cat, though, so I hope no birds move in.

Down the high street, opposite the post office, we're apparently getting a new chippie. This used to be an Asian restaurant, and I think it ran into legal or financial problems because until recently its windows were plastered with enforcement orders.

And inside the post office (where, incidentally, I went last weekend to mail a postcard to fellow blogger John Gray as part of his postcard challenge) I saw this guy, nervously awaiting his owner's return. Dogs are so expressive! And yes, John got my postcard almost immediately -- it's the sixteenth one down in this post, showing Olga with the Thames Barrier. I'm not sure how John's coping with so much mail!


Yorkshire Pudding said...

You have your limits? Are you sure about that Steve?

jenny_o said...

Limits are good! Take YP for example - he doesn't have any, and look where that gets him! lol

I am bummed that I didn't see Olga on your postcard on John's blog. I feel like a failure! How could I have missed that?

That doggy is very chic in that coat. Does Olga have a wardrobe? I'm thinking no, or else we would have seen it :)

Ms. Moon said...

I feel so bad. I haven't sent a postcard to John. I looked around the house for a Weeki-Watchee one but couldn't find any mermaids to send.
Ah well. He'll have to make do without one from Lloyd.
I bet that Dave is glad you left the toilet seat where it was.

Red said...

I'm still not sure you did the right thing about the toilet seat!!!

ellen abbott said...

I missed Olga on the postcard too. I had to go back and count down and there she was.

Sharon said...

I just had fish and chips at an Irish pub here in Phoenix. The were called "the best in town" but, that isn't a label I would have given them. Hopefully this new place by you will do them right.

Anonymous said...

I love the photo of the dog waiting at the post office.

Catalyst said...

Between you and Sharon and your fish and chips notices, I'm starving. Ta-ta.

Cheryl West said...

I think John is having a great time with all this mail. It is the postman who may have trouble coping.

Sue said...

Have to admit that I still have a VCR in the basement. Tried to use it last year when we bought an older Harley-Davidson trike and it came with a videotape about riding on a trike vs. a motorcycle. Couldn't get the tape to play, but the VCR is still hanging around.

Steve Reed said...

YP: Believe it or not, I do, although they vary on any given day.

Jenny-O: Well, Olga IS very small on that card! I probably should have tried to come up with something more creative, but c'est la vie.

Ms Moon: I'm sure Dave silently crosses himself (or makes some similar but nondenominational gesture) whenever I come home empty-handed.

Red: Do you want it? I bet it's still there. I'll mail it to you! :)

Ellen: She's not super-obvious, is she? I wonder if John noticed her!

Sharon: I guess it depends on what the others in town are like!

Robin: Waiting dogs are always poignant photos. I love how focused they are on their owners.

Catalyst: Bon appetit!

Cheryl: You're probably right! Then again, the postal workers may be getting a kick out of it too. (They're probably happy for the business.)

Sue: Hmmmm. It may be time to let that VCR go, especially if it no longer works! :)