Friday, September 18, 2020

It Had to Happen

Well, we got some sobering news yesterday -- apparently a fellow teacher at our school has come down with Covid-19. Of course it was only a matter of time before this occurred in a community the size of ours, but I expected our first confirmed Covid case since reopening to be a student, not a faculty member. At any rate, the school has taken steps to quarantine people who had the closest contact with that person. Dave is unnerved and plans to limit his time on campus today.

I'll go to work as usual, but this is a good reminder to be as careful as possible -- and that this can happen to any of us.

Meanwhile, for now, how about some more iPhone pictures? I found the petunias above on the way to Hampstead Heath one day.

I guess this is a brand of paving stone?

This is a thorn apple, or jimsonweed as it's known in the USA. I found it growing along a fence on our neighborhood council housing estate. It's beautiful, isn't it? Unfortunately they mowed the lawn a few days later and the jimsonweed is no more, unless it comes up from the root. I'd like to have it in our garden, though it is poisonous.

Found this sign on a dog walk. I promise I have taken nothing from this yard! (It is piled with stuff, though.)

This gladiolus was growing nearby, at the base of a street tree.

This artwork is on the side of our school, above one of our playgrounds. Isn't it great? It depicts the green parakeets we see all over London. I don't know what that orange number one is about -- maybe that's the number of the playground. (We have several.)

Someone left this hat in the lost & found at school. Surprise!

And finally, a sign posted outside the ATM at our bank on the high street. I found it funny at the time, but now it seems a bit foreboding!


Frances said...

I love the trees and birds on the wall..what a wonderful thing to put on the boring side of a building.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

In 1840, Yorkshireman Joseph Brooke founded a quarrying organisation with around 12 sites in the Calderdale district of West Yorkshire. The "perfecta" is a kind of pressed stone slab. As is the way in business Brooke's company was taken over by Marshalls who still produce "perfecta" slabs to this day. I hope the member of staff with COVID gets better.

crafty cat corner said...

The Jimsonweed is worthy of a place in a garden its beautiful.
As for the balaclava it reminded me of a sitcom years ago called 'Citizen Smith' the mother knitted them all one each for hiding their identity but knitted their names on each one, sounds crass now but was funny at the time. lol

The Padre said...

Well I Thank You For Your Clean Hygiene - There Is Something About Your Random iPhone Photos That I Really Appreciate - Have Always Enjoyed These Uploads - Yes, The Trees And Green Birds In Flight Are Way Cool - Still Blooming In September, Righteousness - Enjoy Your Weekend And Stay Strong


Mary said...

Sorry to hear about the teacher and hope he/she has a good recovery. Certainly understand Dave's wish to limit his time on campus. Our schools our virtual except for children who have no internet (kids are set up at desks in the gymnasium), those with intense IEP plans or special education students. One of the teachers tested positive and the school took action to keep everyone safe, but my DD reported that the tRump@sses went wild with hundreds complaining about the schools being closed, saying 'so what' that a teacher was ill. That kind of mentality is enough to make me sick. Stay safe.

Ursula said...

Yesterday, or maybe the day before, over dinner, I had a stern lecture from the Angel. Nothing to do with Covid. Though might as well have been. Some minor grievance of mine in blogland. "Forget it, Mama. Think what else is going on in the world", he said. By which he meant real shit, of real importance.

Back to Covid. We are all affected by it. For all you know you may be an asymptomatic carrier. Knowing me I most certainly am. The Trojan Horse. Stone me now.

What pisses me off more than anything how Covid has now overtaken all other issues; be they political or social. Indeed health. There are people with cancer, just one example, whose treatment is being delayed. People who should receive a diagnosis - even if only a minor now but with repercussions in the future if not treated - who will not attend a clinic; or, even if they are brave enough to encounter yet another hand disinfectant dispenser on entry, will not receive the attention pre-Covid.

I am not given to conspiracy theories but something stinks. And it ain't Shakespeare's Denmark.


Vivian Swift said...

Yes, it's sobering when someone you know gets COVID. I hope your colleague has a mild case and feels better soon, but it takes a long time to come back from this virus. Good god, yes -- stay safe.

Ms. Moon said...

Oh Lord. Last week my sister-in-law called to tell us that one of her grandsons, eight years old, has the virus. Of course he'd been back at school and football practice too. Haven't heard if anyone else has tested positive.
Sometimes I do feel that it's the end times.
Please be careful. And please don't stop taking pictures of beautiful flowers and street art and funny signs. We need them now and you do it so well.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to read about the covid case at your school. It must be so scary to have a case this close. I hope you and Dave stay healthy and safe there.
Love these iPhone photos. The school artwork is so beautiful. Wow, well done. Lovely flowers too.

The Bug said...

So sorry your colleague has the virus. I really worry about what we would do if someone in our department gets it - we’re wearing masks in the hallways, but we do work closely together. Scary!

On the other hand I LOVE the petunias and that wall at the playground!

ellen abbott said...

the trees and the birds are applied to the brick, right, instead of painted on?

sorry to hear about the covid case at your school. is that person really sick or just mildly ill?

I've had datura in my garden nearly every year as they usually reseed. Had several plants last year but none returned this year.

Red said...

Not surprising that you have a covid case in your school. I wonder how long it will be until the infection rate zooms out of control?

Linda Sue said...

"Jimsonweed is also called Jamestown weed for two reasons: for the town in Virginia where jimsonweed is believed to have been imported to the US from England; In 1676 a massive poisoning of soldiers (by eating the plant in salads) in Jamestown, VA occurred, giving rise to the common name "Jamestown weed" and "jimsonweed")." we called it Loco weed, it killed horses more than anything else - we were always taught to avoid it, Not difficult as it smells bad and the pods are spikey. It would be incredulous for anyone to intentionally cultivate it. That damned loco weed-every part of it is toxic, deadly.
The covid news is terrible. No matter how well you keep yourselves the virus is so tiny it can get in through invisible cracks...I am worried about you two. They should close the school, do remote learning, librarying. Pandemic rules.
Great random photos, I love all of them , curious about the yard full of bricks with the sign. That is pretty funny.
Stay well, you are loved.

Moving with Mitchell said...

Such great discoveries and shares. I also love the "end of the queue/world" sign and feel creeped out by it, too. So sorry about the teacher with covid. Wishing you both well!

Edna B said...

The painting of the trees and birds on the school wall is really wonderful. The virus at the school, not so good. You and Dave be safe. I love that wine colored gladiola plant. It's beautiful. I love little gardens around the street trees. Those petunias are gorgeous. I enjoy your random photos. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Sharon said...

So sorry to hear about the teacher at your school. That would be rather unnerving for anyone. It makes that sign feel even creepier. However, I will admit to having similar feelings from time to time lately and not just because of the pandemic.

I just took some photos of some jimsonweed the last time I was at the garden. The blooms are so dramatic, how can you not love them? I love the mural on the playground wall. And, that gladiolus growing by the side of the street seems so out of place.

Catalyst said...

Sorry to hear about your co-worker. Hoping you and Dave stay safe.

Sarah said...

Love all the pictures, but the last one is my favourite. Perfect for now.

Sarah said...

And take care at school.

Barbara of Branson said...

I thought someone wrote on the stone slab to tantalize Brook, who has OCD

Anonymous said...

Not great news about your co worker.
I really like the fairly simple art work on the wall.