Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Current Events, with Cockroaches

Dave and I woke up this morning and got online and watched some snippets of the presidential debate (because of course we were asleep when it occurred). Christ! What chaos! I can't believe anybody got any truly productive information out of those exchanges, but I do think they demonstrated one thing -- "Sleepy Joe" isn't at all sleepy. America needed to see that.

All Trump basically did was lie and bluster and try to dominate. Which is his style of, well, everything.

From here on out, especially with Trump up there, they need to turn off each candidate's microphone while the other speaks.

And what's going on with Brexit, you may ask? (Probably not.) The short answer is, darned if I know. The UK is apparently trying to do something that is considered internationally illegal regarding trade, something about Northern Ireland blah blah blah, but I don't really understand it and despite the fact that we need to have a deal it looks like there's a very real possibility we won't.

Spell-check, incidentally, keeps trying to turn Brexit into "brevet," which is apparently “a former type of military commission conferred especially for outstanding service, by which an officer was promoted to a higher rank without the corresponding pay.” Sounds like a ripoff to me.

And there you have it -- my take on current events.

Dave and I saw this sign walking to work yesterday morning -- advertising a good debate remedy, come to think of it. I chuckled at the rhyme. "It's a two word poem!" I told him.

Oh -- one more current event. I read an astonishing story in The New York Times yesterday about a corporate security office within eBay that basically ran a terror operation against a blogger couple in New England. Apparently the bloggers reported on eBay in a way that the company officers didn't appreciate. The security personnel stalked them, sent them pizzas in the middle of the night, mailed them boxes of cockroaches, mailed pornography to their neighbors. They did all this, allegedly, with the knowledge of top bosses -- although of course the bosses deny it. It's amazing to think that employees of a major company would behave this way.

I am convinced there's something about the Internet that makes people crazy. For some reason, humans seem prone to read the worst possible intent into others' comments and online behavior. Those bloggers would write their posts and, according to the story, the top leaders of eBay would lose their minds. Get some perspective, people!

When I mentioned the cockroach-mailing to Dave, his face lit up. "You can do that?!" he said.

So if any of you get a box from Dave in the near future, don't open it.

(Top photo: A pizza place near Fortune Green, last weekend.)


Ursula said...

"For some reason, humans seem prone to read the worst possible intent into others' comments", you remark. Sprinkle that with an irrational dislike and, mixed metaphor, you'll find yourself the cherry on their oyster. Only yesterday did I learn that I am "a pain in the arse" after leaving a perfectly civil and thought out reply. Never mind. What people don't appear to understand how a comment like that - without engaging in the actual subject - reflects on them. Anyway, that particular blogger (not one of your circle so I believe) can throw away his painkillers.

As to your Trump (I can't raise you a Johnson as I don't consider him my prime minister - what with me being a foreigner), I never ever watch him on the news. I can't. It's too cringe worthy, embarrassing, toe curling. All my info I read via the press of more than one country. More time efficient anyway. Talking of Johnson, and since you mention Brexit, I feel I am sitting on a time bomb. Leaving aside that I really like living in England, and that I love English being my daily language, on the whole it doesn't really matter whether I'll be shipped out. Except in one respect: Don't ask. Or I'll start crying. Let's just say it involves the Angel. The whole Brexshite has been hanging over me like a Damocles sword. A lot of people don't understand. Don't worry, it'll be fine, they say. To which I can only reply that I am not "worried", I just know that anything is possible. Not just in one's nightmares - during day time too. The Home Office to be found in one of Dante's Hells. Once they held me in the ante-chamber (Limbo). Better get my dancing shoes one. Hot coals and all that.

Dave such a sweet innocent. How will I recognize his handwriting on the parcel? Could you send me a sample. The last thing I need this minute are cockroaches. A marzipan mouse will do.


Frances said...

I heard a couple of clips of the debate.....they sounded like 9 yr olds arguing in the playground! God help USA !! And when he has helped USA he can turn his attention to UK.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

A nice blogppst which I very much enjoyed. Thank you sir. Keep up the good work!

Peter said...

I watched the whole thing, what a food fight, just what I expected from Trump. The poor moderator tried but.....
Hopefully it will all be over soon.

Vivian Swift said...

Immediately following the debate, The Lincoln Project website, which is a pro-Biden political organization run by a group of high-profile Republicans (including George Conway, the husband of Trump advisor Kelly Anne Conway), began selling a T-shirt sporting the words "Shut up, man".

That was my favorite line of the night. I'm glad that Biden took the words out of my mouth.

Is it a crime to send a box of cockroaches in the mail? I know a president to whom I would like to make such a gift.

Ms. Moon said...

Well, I do believe that "Shut up, man!" was the defining moment of the entire debate. Or at least the part I saw.
I don't think the moderator tried very hard. Or if he was trying, it was obviously beyond his capability to control Trump's vitriol in the least. It was...horrible. I didn't sleep well afterwards.
Is this the end of the dream of a United States of America? It might well be.

Angelicastar said...

Steve, that was my first comment deleted because I was so exhausted after watching this clown in the white house. I was so wired I was awake at 1:30am eating cake. (lol) I was undecided if I wanted to comment on this mockery that Trump did. This debate was off the chain. Trump will never be a decent person. He wanted to run the show. I can understand when Biden told him to shut up because if my neighbors could hear me I was hollering the same thing. It's very sad that people can support this clown. He hasn't done anything but delete everything that he could that Obama had done and still trying to get rid of the healthcare. He keep saying he has a plan but where is it. All I can say is the clown orange thing is a sicko. I assume he think he can continue to lie to the American people. It's sad when we have someone that lie, squabble with others, talk about others and keep up trouble on a daily basis. Do his supporters know this man hasn't done anything for the American people since he been in office. All you hear is bullshit on a daily basis coming from this orange clown. Let him tell it he is the best President that have ever been, he has done better for the country and blacks than any other President. I am black (mixed race) and I haven't seen any changes. All of us are struggling. I am doing better than some because my income is not changing, I feel sorry for those I see crying because they can't pay rent. God help us rid this mess in the white house. I have so much to say but I will stop it right here. (lol)

Sharon said...

I stuck with it and watched the whole train wreck of a debate and then I watched an hour of comments on CNN afterward. I should have taken my blood pressure afterward because I'm pretty sure it was high. The only way to shut DJT up is to cut is microphone and take him off camera. I think the next debate should be virtual with only one person speaking at a time. Either that or don't have them at all. The news this morning is talking about DT's comment to the Proud Boys to stand back and stand by. Apparently that group of far right idiots have taken it up as their new motto. I LOVED it when Biden called Trump a clown! The CNN team had some supposed undecided voters they were interviewing and the moderator asked one man what he thought of Biden calling the president a clown. The man said "well, if the clown shoe fits".

ellen abbott said...

well, that made me laugh! I'll be on the lookout for any packages from London. I did hear something about that couple and eBay. this is the kind of bullshit that Trump has legitimised in this country.

We did not watch, maybe five minutes, just long enough to see Trump being Trump doing exactly what I expected he would do...lie, bully, interrupt, dominate, refuse to follow the rules. you know he was trying to get to Biden enough to make Biden's stutter emerge. well, he failed at that. and still a huge percentage of the people that were polled thought Trump 'won' the debate. apparently just being an asshole is winning to some people. the whole thing was a joke. it really pisses me off that the moderator would just let Trump do what he does. I'm sorry I missed the moment when Biden told him to shut up. I do think most of America is simply tired of Trump. I hope so anyway.

Angelicastar said...

I had to add this. (laughing hard) Joe Biden was nice to tell him to shut up. I would have walked over and kicked his ass. My temper is not good for idiots. This is why I doesn't deal with people no more than I have to.

The Bug said...

I didn't watch. To be fair, I can never watch (I was the kid who had to leave the room when Mary on Little House on the Prairie was getting her first kiss), but I knew that this would be TOO MUCH. It's laughable, except for the part where he apparently told hate groups to basically hang tight, they'll be needed later.

robin andrea said...

We didn't watch the debate. We couldn't subject our psyches to that narcissistic psychopath. I did read that Joe Biden actually said, "Will you shut up, man." I loved that. Yes, STFU, man.
I agree with you about the internet. For all the good it has brought, the scales have been tipped more to all the crap it has done. I fear it will only get worse.

Linda Sue said...

The New York Times article is AMERICA. Green light GO, comes from the top doesn't it. Dave makes me laugh as hose little wheels turn in between his ears...Pizza at 3:00 am I would accept, , cock roaches would not survive up here in the north, just so you know...send pizza.
Dennis watched, with head phones so that i could not hear, I went to the basement and took a nap before bed time. I did see the family circus arrive , flip their hair a lot, and look as though they stepped out of last years fashion for trailer trash zine. then malaria showed up WEARING A MASK! The only one doing so, A fashion Statement, like her famous green jacket, I suppose.
Polls are not trustworthy but polls have said that Biden held his own and won the "debate"...Things here are so ....(!!??&*%$#@)

Catalyst said...

All I can think to write is "Arrrrggggghhhh!"

gz said...

I agree and sympathize with Ursula. He isn't our pm either!!
The idea of only having the mike on for the one speaking.. brilliant! We only heard a brief excerpt..that was enough!!...Arguing with the referee..deserves a red card...send him off!!

Sarah said...

Add the predicted not great wheat harvest this year to everything else. What is going to become of us all? That is a horrible thing to do-the cockroches. It is interesting how protective massive scompanies are over their reputations. It all smacks of bullying cultures. I hope the cockroaches didn't escape!

Anonymous said...

It's not a bad idea to turn microphones off as alternate debaters speak. Trump's behaviour was perfectly predictable.

Alphie Soup said...

No listening to the US debate for me. Life's too short to listen to that man's nonsense talk. I listened to a talk about the Murray Darling Basin Water plan. Yes, I know, how parochial!

gz said...

They must have heard your microphone comment Steve! I heard that that is now suggested!

Steve Reed said...

Ursula: I feel the way you do about Trump. I can't even watch or listen to him. As for Brexit, I honestly couldn't even begin to guess how all this is going to play out, for you or any of us! But I certainly hope you and the Angel emerge unscathed.

Frances: It really was astonishing. I definitely got the sense that Biden wouldn't have been that argumentative had it not been for Trump, though. Trump was the "engine."

YP: No, thank YOU, sir.

Peter: It's funny you say "food fight." That's just what I said to my co-worker the next morning. "If they'd had food they'd have been throwing it at each other!"

Vivian: It's probably a crime to send them to Trump -- but only because it's inhumane for the cockroaches.

Ms Moon: Biden captured the mood of a good portion of the nation when he said that! Millions rejoiced!

Angelicastar: I agree -- it WAS off the chain. And like you, I appreciate that I am in a much better place than many to weather the economic storm. Ironic that many of the people who have the least are the ones who support Trump the most! (In league with, of course, the SUPER-rich.)

Sharon: OMG, I can't believe you watched the whole thing! THAT took dedication! I just figure I know how I'm going to vote so I don't need to put myself through that. I love the comment from the guy about the clown shoe -- LOL!

Ellen: I don't see how anyone can assert that Trump "won," although predictably that belief seems to fall pretty much along party lines. I don't really believe in the idea of winning a debate, anyway. It's more about just getting the issues out there and having an exchange. (Which we did NOT get this week.)

Bug: Your Mary comment made me laugh! (I think I remember that episode!) The white-supremacy stuff is one of the scariest aspects of a continued Trump presidency. Those people must be resisted at every turn.

Robin: Biden won a lot of hearts with that line, I think!

Linda Sue: Interesting that Melania (did you intentionally call her malaria, or was that spell-check? LOL) wore a mask. I wonder what that woman really thinks.

Catalyst: That's an appropriate response!

GZ: I think Boris has caused so much suffering that he will suffer badly in the next round of elections, and Keir Starmer is much more palatable as a leader than Corbyn was. Go Labour!

Sarah: I hadn't heard that about wheat. Was it a plague of locusts? I wouldn't be surprised!

Andrew: It's such an easy solution. I think they probably couldn't do it on Tuesday night because it wasn't part of the agreed-upon format, but for the next debates it should be definitely part of the ground rules.

Alphie: I'm sure the water plan discussion was far more enlightening!

Moving with Mitchell said...

I can only watch that debate now in fits and starts. And, yes, microphones should be switched off by the moderator... although Trump would simply walk across the stage and yell behind Biden's back. Anyway, it's an international embarrassment. Let's all send cockroaches to the White House. Oh, never mind, they've already got a worse infestation.