Friday, September 25, 2020

I'm Amazing!

Our canna lily has bloomed! I thought we might not see any flowers this year. Dave sent me a photo while I was at work, and I was so eager to get home and see it for myself. (This is not the tiny, bedraggled canna, but the other one.  The tiny one is still tiny, but less bedraggled now that I've moved it to a place where the pigeons don't peck at it.)

I managed to oversleep this morning, so I have 45 minutes to pull myself together and get out the door. I guess Olga won't be getting a walk this morning! That's OK -- Dave is staying home today for school-related planning meetings on Zoom, so he can take her out and keep her company. And of course her walker is coming around lunchtime.

Speaking of which, I have to relate the sad news that Francisco will no longer be Olga's regular walker. I'm not sure what happened, but he has apparently left the employ of the dog-walking business that we use. He and I texted a bit last night and he expressed sadness at not seeing Olga again, but he said he's still available for weekend walks and for boarding, so maybe we'll call him when we need that. (Fortunately, the guy who's taking over Olga's route was her walker for ages before the coronavirus crisis came along -- so at least she knows him.)

We had more rain yesterday, and still more is expected this morning. It's 47º F out there! Brrrr...

I found this note in a library book yesterday. Do you think a student wrote it to themselves, or was it a reminder from a parent or teacher? I wonder what the goal was -- maybe just to be amazing.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

I suspect that the note was written by The Principal of your school. For security reasons both she and the school in which you labour like a slave working upon The Great Pyramid at Giza will remain unnamed. It sounds as though your regular dog walker may have found himself a regular job that pays more money.

Ursula said...

If you need to tell yourself (and others) that you are "amazing" I can guarantee you most likely don't believe in yourself. You'll probably have a chip on your shoulder the size of Sisyphus's rock, and the self esteem of a gnat. To verify my observations all you need to do is visit certain quarters in blogland. The real artists of the genre are those who self-"deprecate". Like one of Pavlov's dogs eagerly awaiting a pat on the back (in absence of a dog biscuit), being reassured by their adoring readership how truly marvellous and AMAZING they are. I have come to minor blows (the Amazing lack an amazing sense of humour) with a few blogging specimen of the above kind. And what an education that was. Either you stroke them or, when muzzling doesn't help, you'll be taken to the metaphorical vet and put down - for good.

Cryptic notes left by others in books? Can be a source of both amusement and wonderment. I have found, particularly moving, dried leaves and flowers (in books purchased second hand or inherited), letters - some from nearly a century ago, the odd random recipe; at its most mundane a shopping list. Maybe I'll spike some of my own books for someone to pour over ca. 2075.

Congratulations on your blossoming Canna Lily. Happiness is when a hope turns into reality.


Moving with Mitchell said...

I had a roommate in college who taped (before Sticky Notes) little pieces of paper all around his mirror. I AM THE BEST I WILL SUCCEED. I BELIEVE IN MYSELF. I CAN DO ANYTHING. I AM HANDSOME. Some therapists and self-help books recommend it. Thankfully, I didn't have to share the mirror with him! I wonder if a parent stuck that little note in the book for their child to find. If so, I think its wonderful. Congrats on the canna lily. Beautiful color! YOU are amazing! :)

Marty said...

What was that self affirmation skit on SNL - with Al Franken (and by the way, what a shame he’s no longer in Congress) ?
“ I’m good enough, and smart enough . . .”

Unknown said...

I like to think the note in the book was written from the personal heart.
45 minutes to get ready! Have you noticed the older you become the longer it takes to get ready for the day? Maybe that just happens when you stop working.

Ms. Moon said...

Those self-affirmations always leave me baffled. Could it really be that easy? Not for me. I think that perhaps you should post the one you found on your canna lily! I do love cannas.

Sharon said...

I love the canna lily. They have one at the botanical garden that I see from time to time. I also like the little post-it note pep talk. I wonder if it worked. Sounds like the London weather is back to normal. Stay warm!

ellen abbott said...

if I only had 45 minutes to get ready I wouldn't be writing a blog post. glad you got some rain. I've never really cared for cannas all that much. we had some at the city house, just the common orange and they always got leaf rollers. my neighbor though had a large stand of red ones that were gorgeous. there was a lot of the common orange ones here on the back corner of the property and one of the first things I did was dig them all up.

The Bug said...

I think I'm going to print that note & paste it on my forehead. Ha!

Edna B said...

Your Canna Lily is gorgeous. Mine never blossomed. I think that note might have been left for a child, and I think it's wonderful. Enjoy your day, hugs, Edna B.

Susan said...

Yes, you ARE amazing! It makes me want to write out tons of notes and leave them here and there. Who doesn't need a reminder of how amazing they are? That calla lily is just gorgeous.

robin andrea said...

Wonderful to see the Canna Lily blooming. Always lovely to see flowers in autumn.

Catalyst said...

Yes, the Canna Lily is beautiful. Great work, you two. You're amazing!

eli mendez said...

Me ha gustado mucho tu relato que acompaña la bella flor que cuidan tanto como a Olga, me sentí identificada porque tambien soy docente, también amo las plantas y la fotografía como ustedes( aunque no soy fotógrafa!!!! ajajjajaja), y además tengo mi perra que antes tenia un paseador de nuestra absoluta confianza y genial con las mascotas que extrañamos mucho cuando nos mudamos de casa, ahora tiene una chica que también la pasea pero no es lo mismo que el de antes , tan afectuoso y preocupado por las mascotas... Y con respecto a la nota del final... Excelente... a veces otras personas nos recuerdan que somos muy buenos en lo que hacemos y que la vida vale la pena... Hermosa entrada , y dejo mis saludos para ustedes desde Argentina

gz said...

A beautiful sight, that lily..shouting out I'm Here!!!

Colette said...

That is a great canna! Love the colors.

Michael said...

In one of my virtual classes today, a student had a very unique wall behind him. I asked him...are those post-it notes? They were...plastered over his entire wall. I love creativity. That note you found reminded me of that.

The Padre said...

What A Bloom - Fantastic Shot - And I Too Feel Amazing


Steve Reed said...

YP: Thank you for leaving my school and principal unnamed. :) I have a feeling that Francisco's separation wasn't voluntary.

Ursula: I find a lot of interesting stuff in books -- it's a pretty fun aspect of my job! I tend to agree with you about self-affirming notes, though. They seem a little desperate. (I am not, however, commenting on others in blogland. :) )

Mitchell: I had a roommate in college who was prone to that kind of thing, too. I guess in their defense it IS a time of great uncertainty, but I never went for that particular approach.

Marty: I only remember Inspector Dreyfus in the Pink Panther movies, chanting, "Every day, in every way, I'm getting better and better." And then laughing his insane little laugh.

Andrew: I can still get ready pretty quickly, but I am more prone to forgetting things!

Ms Moon: Yeah, I don't get them either. As I said above, they seem a little desperate. And very '70s.

Sharon: Yeah, it's definitely looking a bit more like London, and less like Palm Springs!

Ellen: I've never been a huge fan either, but they're quite popular here -- I guess because they're a somewhat exotic, tropical plant and yet they'll grow in England (with winter protection).

Bug: We could all use a positive message now and then, right? Your co-workers may wonder about you, though.

Edna: Did you just plant yours this year? Maybe it needs another year of growth.

Susan: I kind of want to write a note that says "I'm adequate" and stick it on the mirror. LOL

Robin: It's a perfect autumn color, too!

Catalyst: Thanks! LOL

Eli: Gracias! Thank you for visiting and thank you for your kind words (which I had to read using Google Translate). :)

GZ: It is quite a spectacular plant, particularly at this time of year.

Colette: Autumnal orange!

Michael: Did the notes say anything, or were they just blank post-its in some kind of pattern?

Padre: With all your biking and swimming, I don't doubt it!

Michael said...

Just blank post it note in a pattern. It was actually very cool looking.