Thursday, September 17, 2020

Shiny Health

Dave and I walk past this men's skin care place every day on our way home. It must have the most reflective shopfront in the city, not to mention the most awkward name. Apparently someone doesn't distinguish between "health" (noun) and "healthy" (adjective).

I wish I could have waited for my usual passer-by to accent the photo, but I'd seen several burly guys going in and out of this place (in fact one came out just before I snapped this photo) and I decided to take my picture quick and get out of there -- just in case they weren't keen to be photographed.

Our sweet peas are still going strong -- or at least some of them are. A few haven't bloomed at all. It's interesting that we got so many bright pink ones this year -- I have a dim memory of collecting several seed pods last fall from a plant of that color because I like it, but this year they're virtually the only ones that bloomed.

The once-viney tree is looking a bit parched these days. I felt so bad for it that I filled a two-gallon watering can and carried it down there yesterday afternoon. The ground soaked up the water like a sponge. Once again, I'm sure the neighbors think I'm crazy. But I feel continued responsibility for that tree, having removed its mantle of vines. No good deed goes unpunished, as they say -- I'll probably feel a nagging sense of tree-maintenance duty as long as we live here.


crafty cat corner said...

You are not mad Steve, just caring for nature, I would do the same.
I know some people think I'm mad feeding the foxes etc and we always have a large bag of bird seed in the back of the car to feed the birds, usually pigeons when we are out.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

BUSTER Oi! What you doin wiv that camera matey?
STEVE Just taking a few urban photographs. I am an urban photographer.
BUSTER Well you ain't takin no urban photos of me buddy! Show me wot you got.
STEVE (Showing Buster the last images taken) As you can see - nothing offensive.
BUSTER (Grabs the camera and runs off down the street) I'll get fifty quid for this in the pub!
STEVE Come back you beast!

Ms. Moon said...

I sort of like "Health" skin. I would love to have health skin.
I love how you love and tend for your tree.
And those sweet peas are the prettiest pink imaginable.

Sharon said...

A very unusual name for that skin business. It doesn't project a confident feeling to me. That's so nice of you to continue to care for that tree. If trees could think, I bet that one would wish it could live in front of your house.

Red said...

I'm not sure if the Health Skin guy was ignorant or knew what he was doing and created a catchy name.

Anonymous said...

It's so good and kind of you to take care of that viney tree. Yes, maybe crazy, but in a good and caring way.

Catalyst said...

The neighbors probably think you're watering that tree in hopes of growing a fresh crop of hops on it!

Edna B said...

Don't worry about what the neighbors think. I commend you for looking after the tree. Shame on the neighbors! They could be helping to look after it too. Your sweet peas are gorgeous! I've never had them in my garden, and I don't know why. They are so pretty. You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

Anonymous said...

The name is grating. Burly men going into a skin care business does seem a little strange. More information about the procedures of the business required.

The Bug said...

I love the color of that sweet pea! In fact, I just recently bought a shirt in that color :)

Alphie Soup said...

The top photo is great, just look at the shadows on the footpath!
The sweet peas are beautiful.