Friday, March 31, 2017

A Pizza Boy and a Lime Lamborghini

Another series of photos from my iPhone, captured during recent urban wandering...

First, a scarily out-of-register boy on the cover of a discarded pizza box.

As I predicted, the brave hellebore that managed to grow in an asphalt crack did not survive the recent repaving of the sidewalks on our street. Here it was just before it got cut down. On the bright side, the workers mysteriously left one leaf and a nub of stem peeping above the new pavement -- so maybe it will regrow again?

Also sidewalk volunteers, these two primroses are growing on another neighborhood street. (Happily, not in imminent danger of being cut down. As far as I know.)

A modern car with a '50s sense of humor.

The craziest color for a Lamborghini I've seen yet! (Not that I see many Lamborghinis in my daily life.)

More evidence of the sidewalk repaving project on our street.

Tulips and hyacinths growing on a council estate where I walk Olga almost every morning.

At school: "Any bags left in this area will be removed." Clearly no one takes that sign seriously!

And finally, a pub I often pass on my walks home. This place is very hard to photograph because of heavy traffic and the way the street is built. This iPhone shot is the best I've been able to do!


e said...

Well, I see I'm well in advance of Yorkshire Pudding this morning, all ecstasy aside! Those were all great shots and I loved the sign on the little red car regarding the rubbish clearance. Very humorous.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Drat! "e" got here first today. I wonder if "e" knows that ecstasy is a drug?

A great random collection of urban pictures. Well-observed as usual. Thanks for sharing.

crafty cat corner said...

Just look at those wonderful pavement plants, you can see what would survive in a disaster, and its not us. lol

Ms. Moon said...

I love your iPhone shots!

37paddington said...

London has such a particular look. You really take us there.

ellen abbott said...

that lime green is certainly a color I would not choose but the one that gets me are the cars painted baby shit yellow.

Isn't it amazing how well plants grow that volunteer in cracks in pavement.

Sharon said...

What a fun series of photos. Pizza boy is indeed a tiny bit scary and that pub building is great!

Linda d said...

Life has a way of hanging on. I wouldn't count those hellebore out just yet.

jenny_o said...

A great series of shots! The lime Lamborghini would be easy to spot in a large parking lot, unlike my invisible car!! Then again, mine didn't cost as much :)

Alphie Soup said...

'Keep bags in bottom orange' What??

And the sign on the little red car made me laugh.