Sunday, March 26, 2017

Lapis Lazuli

This is the kind of day we had around here yesterday -- a bit on the chilly side, but bright and blue and sunny.

I started the day modestly enough, doing stuff around the house. But when I tried to run a load of laundry, the machine began making a weird noise, and then stopped working altogether. It would try to start the next step of its cycle, shut off after a moment, try again, shut off again. It did this for about two hours.

So I called our landlord, and unplugged the machine. I just left the wet laundry in it because I could not yet deal and took the dog to the heath.

I think she had a terrible time, don't you?

Finally, upon our return in mid-afternoon, I mustered enough resolve to load the wet clothes into a plastic bag and re-wash them at the laundromat. Someone's scheduled to come and look at the machine tomorrow morning.

Last night's screening in my '70s-movie-fest: "American Gigolo." Marginal!


  1. Does "marginal" mean you wouldn't recommend American Gigolo?

  2. Well, your day was marginally better than mine---cleaning up cat mess. I didn't care for American Gigolo either.

  3. Why not continue with a Travolta theme and watch Urban Cowboy?

  4. Dang appliances when they break down!
    I never watched American Gigolo. I probably never will.

  5. I am looking forward to welcoming Spring and getting out - or at least opening the windows. It really changes the mood. As you know.

  6. I'm glad that you had some nice time outside. I wish that our spring would arrive here in New England, Maybe mid-week.
    Broken machines are such a bore. I hope you get a prompt repair.

  7. Nothing can ruin a perfectly good day like a broken appliance. However, I think Olga was making the best of it. I love seeing those blue skies!

  8. Wet laundry is so stinking heavy. I guess it's for the same reason that liquid groceries are so heavy (juice, milk, etc.). It's all the water in it. Aargh. That makes no sense, sorry.

  9. It's a bummer when appliances die on you and you're trying to use them.

  10. 37P: The young Richard Gere is always nice to look at, but he's the best thing about it!

    E: Sometimes I don't miss having a cat, I must say.

    Lynne: You know, I've never seen that movie. Maybe I should try it? Dave's back now, though, and he would never want to watch that, so I have to wait until he goes out of town again!

    Ms Moon: No great loss!

    Gary: It does! I opened the windows yesterday for a short time and the house feels so much fresher.

    Cheryl: Fingers crossed for a prompt and easy fix! You're definitely due for a weather change!

    Sharon: It was a minor annoyance more than anything. I'm glad the landlord ultimately has to deal with it.

    Jenny-O: It WAS heavy, but it wasn't a big load, fortunately.

    Red: Like your microwave!

  11. My MOTHER & I went to the theater to see Urban Cowboy. I was going to say that it was my first R rated movie, but apparently it was PG-13. Hmmm. I was 16 at the time, but maybe a little sheltered?