Saturday, March 4, 2017

Anatomically Correct Bench

The benches along the riverfront in Chelsea have elaborate sphinxes holding them up.

The last time I was down there, I found this:

Someone has a sense of humor!

I am reminded of Nigella Lawson, for some reason. Is that bad?

Speaking of celebrity chefs and food, I have an addendum regarding yesterday's post about the pomelo. When I first ate it, I cut it in half, sectioned it and sprinkled it with sugar, as I would a grapefruit. Well, when I ate the second half yesterday morning, I left off the sugar -- and it was much better. Still not my favorite fruit, but the sugar overwhelmed the subtle pomelo. Keep that in mind if you ever buy one!

Dave bought more plants (argh!) including some teasels, which I was happy about, since as I mentioned the other day I tried to seed some in the garden myself and they didn't seem to take. I'll enjoy watching them grow this summer, though for the life of me I have no idea where we're going to put them. Or the three hydrangeas and the crocosmia. I gotta keep that boy off the Internet!

(Actually, we're thinking about taking out the grass around the roses and planting there -- which would give us a huge flowerbed. So I shouldn't complain. We do, in fact, have a plan. Kind of.)


  1. I wonder if someone painted that in the dead of night !
    Re pomelo - as you probably know, it's Spanish for grapefruit, so must belong to the same family.

  2. That chest made me for the pomelo, I'm glad it was decent and not as acidic as its cousin, the grapefruit. I would love to see the back garden when all those plants go in, should be beautiful.

  3. Very wise decision. Go for colours and flowers. He is a clever gardener your Dave.
    Over the years our lawn has shrunk dramatically esp. after visiting (garden centers in) France, Italy and Holland. We may no longer be able to play badminton but we don't need to spend ages mowing. Instead we have colours and soft fruit - and lots of work.
    I once had a salad with pomelo, lamb's lettuce and roasted almond slivers. Gorgeous.

  4. Dave may be a plantophile. This condition can become quite serious. He may require jungle therapy. This involves being helicoptered in to thick, lush and unvisited tropical jungle with a machete and being invited to make it back to civilisation. After that you can be assured that he'll not be buying any more plants.

  5. I would say that Dave, and probably you too, are going through a natural phase of planting in your life. I went through it too. As I am now a decade or so on from my most intense efforts, I am slowing down with it all. At least the ornamental parts. Again, probably natural. I did, however, buy two completely unneeded hydrangea a few days ago and put them in pots.
    So I don't know.
    But please bring us pictures, before and after!

  6. I'm doing my best to get rid of grass around here. I have a new flower bed planned and need to get to it as the plants for it have been in pots for a year.

  7. Nigella Lawson, now that you mention it.......

  8. It's a good thing you guys don't live on an acreage or even an acre. You would soon get yourself an all day job with your plants. I know !I know! You'd hire a gardener.

  9. Less grass to mow! And more beauty. But probably more work - yet if it's enjoyable work, that's a plus.

  10. She does remind me of Nigella Lawson! I actually love her cookbooks -- and she's quite charming, isn't she? I'm sorry I haven't been leaving comments as regularly as I used to do. I'm so behind on reading blogs and miss ya'll all so much, but I've just had a load of stuff on my mind and lots of things going on at home. I'm going to try to catch up, though, over the next few days.