Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Fox and Chips

I've been experimenting some more with our back garden cam. I finally set the date/time mechanism so that it reads correctly, which is a refreshing change. As I was editing some of the videos this week, I happened to pause the screen on this image, which I like -- our misty and mysterious Japanese maple, hung with Dave's new wind chimes.

Here's the result of my film editing -- more fox videos! Remember a few weeks ago when we put out a boiled egg and got such great video of the fox eating it? Well, we tried that again -- but this time the evidently camera-shy fox carried the egg away.

Then, on Saturday, when it was so hot and dry in London, I put out a bowl of water. I thought the foxes might be thirsty, but they pretty much ignored it. I imagine them thinking, "What is this? Where's my egg?!"

I think there are at least two different foxes in this video, but it's hard to tell.

Here are some pottery chips I found Sunday on my Hampstead Heath walk with Olga. I have a bowl full of these things on our dining room windowsill. Maybe I should learn how to make mosaics?

Dave and I are off to Scotland this morning. Our dog-sitter is coming early to pick up Olga, and we'll be on a 10 a.m. train to Falkirk. Stay tuned!


  1. You'd be surprised at the age of some of those potshards..yes, make a mosaic.

    Enjoy Falkirk..The Wheel is impressive, the Kelpies more so!! (and the coffee there is good!)

  2. "I think there are at least two different foxes in this video, but it's hard to tell."...I bet that foxes think the same way about human beings!

    When I was at university in Scotland, Falkirk was a sad, rather poor and uninteresting place. I guess that that is why they put those magnificent kelpies there - to try to lift the place's horizons through art.

  3. I put raw eggs out for my foxes and often see the egg shells in gutter outside, I bet the neighbours are wondering how they got there. I buy dog rolls at 65p each and chop them up, they love them. The only way I can tell if there is more than one fox is by the tip of the tail, they vary.
    They look like young foxes to me. Great video, more please.

  4. Wow, Briony knows a lot about foxes. I put out cat food every night for the possums and raccoons in my back yard and if I thought I ad a fox i would definitely put out eggs.

    I am looking forward to your travelogue of Scotland. Falkirk...never been, but it looks like a gorgeous town. I'm reading Good Omens for the first time (fantasy is not my thing) and I was pleased to read that when Aziraphale and Crowley divided up territories in the UK, the angel got Edinburgh and the demon got Glasgow.

    Yep. That's about right. I loathe Glasgow.

  5. I love your fox visitors. Enjoy your trip!

  6. Out of curiosity I'd love to know why you and Dave chose Falkirk to visit. Pictures are going to be interesting, I'm sure!
    I love your foxes. I would imagine that they do a lot in keeping down the rodent population. Is there a downside to their presence?

  7. Yes please to the mosaic! It would be lovely!

  8. oh I love the pottery shards! and the foxes with their glowing eyes.

  9. In the snow we played a game called fox and geese. When I saw your title I thought back to the game and wondered what your post would be about.

  10. Interesting fox film - not as scrawny as the foxes we get in Croatia. Too well fed by too many people, I guess.

  11. I love watching the foxes exploring your garden. Have a great trip.

  12. Nice seeing the foxes there in your yard.
    When I saw the pottery shards I thought they'd make great mosaics.
    Have a grand journey. Looking forward to your photos!

  13. Your foxes are very wary. Enjoy your visit to Scotland.

  14. The pottery shards are just beautiful. The color is still vibrant. Do you think the foxes keep the rodent population down? We have coyotes, but they're not eating our rodents, or not enough, anyway. Have a good trip. Looking forward to pictures.

  15. Wow - maybe you have half a dozen foxes! Hard to know for sure. Interesting tip from Briony on identifying them by the tip of the tail.

    And another Disney moth at the end of the video! lol They're so bright in the dark. I wonder why?

    Have a good trip.

  16. Lovely video so amazing to have foxes in the city, enjoy your trip looking forward to your photos.

  17. Anyone who fed foxes here, urban or otherwise, would be hung, drawn & quartered. I speak figuratively.
    The pottery shards are lovely. I never cease to wonder at what you find on your walks!