Monday, March 6, 2017

Daffodil Time

They're everywhere at this time of year -- bright yellow daffodils. (Maybe some of them are jonquils. Is there a difference? I'm not sure.)

These were in Fortune Green, where I took Olga yesterday for a mud-splattered Kong-chasing session...

...and these were on Hampstead Heath, during our mud-splattered walk on Saturday...

...and these are in our own back garden.

At this time of year, when most things are wet and brown and muddy and dormant, it's hard not to love a daffodil.

We spent yesterday mostly inside. The forecast called for rain, but it turned out to be a bizarre mix of rain and sunshine that varied literally from minute to minute. As I mentioned, I did take the dog out, but that was the most exercise I got.

I finished "The Green Singers," one of the old books I bought a few weeks ago, and it was good! I'm not sure I'd call it "homoerotic" -- that would be overselling it, and after all it was published in 1958 -- but it definitely had gay overtones. My library colleague carefully covered it with plastic to preserve the dust jacket, and I'm happy to add it to my shelves.

We also watched some movies. In an effort to find something action-y that Dave would like, I chose "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom," which I'm sure I saw at some point in the '80s but didn't remember at all. Now I see why. What a dismal movie. One long, agonizing bout of screaming and stomach-churning chaos and juvenile gross-out gags. Truly, truly terrible.


  1. I love the gaffs in your garden...I saw that movie way back when and found it barely tolerable. Don't think I'd have the patience to re-watch it today.

  2. e loves the "gaffs" in your garden. On the other hand, I loved the photo of the rainy window with the blurred daffodils beyond. "Florida Reed and The Garden of Daffs" would make a gripping film.

  3. I forgot to tell you! The Leon County Library is doing the "blind date with a book" thing. They do say on the paper-wrapped cover what genre it is.
    Yesterday when we were driving to the lake we saw blooming wild azaleas and they were just amazing. Pink clouds in the still-mostly leafless woods. You never know they're there except in spring.

  4. and I still do not have a single daffodil bloom. they have come up but no flowers yet. and I agree about the Temple of Doom. all the female star did was scream.

  5. I am envious of the large number of blooming daffodils you have. Last night we had about 2 in of snow and it's minus 15 C this morning. No flowers here!

  6. I LOVE your photos today! The daffs are so springy and cheerful. I watched an action movie this weekend too. It was called "Survivor" with Pierce Brosnan playing a bad guy this time. It was pretty good but pretty far fetched. (At least I hope it was far fetched. I'd hate to think we came that close to a huge disaster.) A few weeks ago I saw another movie with Pierce Brosnan in it called "The Ghost Writer". It was good and disturbing at the same time.

  7. My whole family dressed up in black tie and went to our local,cinema to watch the first showing of " temple of doom" the cal press photographed us outside the place looking very hollywood

  8. Another snowy, windy Sunday for us, sans daffodils :) So I thoroughly enjoyed yours. And, of course, the Olga shots.

  9. Steve, really? Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom dismal? Terrible? Maybe you had to be there in the moment, but it's classic.

    Love your daffodils but I must have missed calling them "gaffs" somewhere ... hard to imagine spring blooms when I look out my window. All I see is snow. Enjoy.