Sunday, March 5, 2017

Fashion Memo

I took Olga to the Heath yesterday, and while we were walking I found this glossy, wine-red leaf.

And then, not 10 minutes later...

...I spotted this woman, wearing a glossy coat of the exact same color.

I don't know why that impressed me, but it did. You know how Banana Republic used to have a "color of the season," and you'd walk in the store and find all the shirts and sweaters in variations of that color? Maybe this wine red is the color of the season! Make a note of it!

We had a great time on the Heath, as usual. Olga ran herself ragged and I slogged along beside her, though to be honest I was tired and I would much rather have been home on the couch. The Heath was wet and slick and muddy.

Dave, meanwhile, was working his magic in the garden, planting our teasels and one of the new hydrangeas, among other things. I will definitely supply photos when everything grows in and matures a bit.

I Skyped with my mom yesterday, and was happy to hear that she went to see "La La Land" with some people from her retirement community. They took a bus to the theater. "I love the bus!" she said, and I agreed -- not having to drive is one of my favorite things about living in a city. She thought the movie was just OK.

Speaking of Oscar-winning movies, Dave and I watched "Moonlight" last night. What an amazing film! Visually beautiful and so even and measured in its depiction of the challenging lives of its characters. I wish we'd seen it on a big screen, actually -- the cinematography is terrific.

Finally, Dave and I took our Ancestry DNA tests yesterday. I just assumed they would require a cheek swab, but instead they involve partially filling a plastic tube with saliva. (If that sounds disgusting, that's because it is, and I'm glad it's over.) The saliva is then combined with a chemical stabilizer and mailed away in a postage-paid box -- done, and done. Six weeks from now, spotlight on our ancestors!


  1. I've got to see "Moonlight" too. I might go this afternoon in my wine coloured outfit.

  2. I will soon be the last person in the world not to have seen Moonlight.
    What the hell is wrong with me?

  3. I haven't seen either film yet. As for the red, it is nice but not a color in my wardrobe...unfortunately. Best to your mother and good luck with the new plants.

  4. I just put Moonlight on my Apple "wish list". Now I want to see it even more. I love that red coat/red leaf connection. That's the kind of thing I'd notice too.

  5. I have been told that when you see the same color popping up in unexpected spots around you, someone on the other side is calling for your attention, whispering their love. Your dad, maybe? I like to think it, anyhow.

  6. My family DNA was quite a also puts you in contact with far flung family members albeit by mail!

  7. I think the DNA guys are a rip off. We're white guys with a European origin? Once in awhile there's a curve from 100's of years back. I'll be curious as to what you find.

  8. That is a beautiful shade of dark red and like Sharon said, it's the kind of thing I'd notice as well, so I'm happy you chronicled it here!

    I have heard only good things about Moonlight. It will probably be months before it comes here but I'm almost inclined to go, deafening soundsystem or no (is that just our theatre??)

  9. I can't wait to hear what happens with your Ancestry swab kits! I think I told you that an old boyfriend (with whom I still keep in touch) is the CEO of Ancestry!

    I also loved Moonlight and had to knock a movie off my all-time favorite top ten list to put it there. So incredibly beautiful in every way -- it's just haunting.

    What book are you reading these days? I'm so behind on blogs -- if you've mentioned it, I apologize!

  10. Haven't seen Moonlight and probably won't until it comes on TV. no gardening for me for a couple of days as it started raining Saturday evening and was still raining Sunday evening. Everything is soggy.

  11. I love the leaf/coat synchronicity - very cool. And yes, it was disgusting & surprisingly difficult to fill up that little tube with saliva. Took me a while!