Wednesday, May 15, 2019

June in May

Well, yesterday was a busy day, although I feel like all I did is eat! I worked the first half of the day, until about noon, and then I took the tube down to Mayfair, where my stepmother, June, was checking into a fancy hotel for a few days after a cruise around Spain and Portugal. We met up and had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe, purely because it was next door and we were both starving.

Visiting the Hard Rock was a bit nostalgic for me, because I last went there one night in April 2000 with my friend Arthur on my first trip to London. Here's what I wrote in my journal at the time:
We wound up at the Hard Rock Cafe, where the waiters performed an amusing trick -- one sprayed whipped cream onto the shaved head of the other, topping it off with a swizzle stick. They did that trick twice, and I was there for only two beers!
June and I did not see that trick yesterday afternoon. I guess the lunch vibe isn't as wild.

This is the nearby Hotel Athenaeum, with its lush living wall, towering over Piccadilly like a green mountain.

Anyway, our hunger satiated by very messy pulled pork sandwiches -- I wound up wearing some of mine -- we took the tube up to St. John's Wood and I gave June a brief tour of the school where Dave and I work.

Then we continued to West Hampstead, where we had coffee at Cafe Nero and watched the parade of people on the High Street before coming to our house for gin & tonics in the garden with Dave. We sat out until it got too chilly. (And what is up with this weather -- we had lots of sunshine yesterday but it had to be in the low 40s F last night!) June said it was nice to see the garden in real life after reading so much about it on the blog. It would have been even nicer if the squirrels hadn't completely destroyed our sage plant yesterday, breaking off all three flower stalks -- but never mind.

We went to dinner at The Petite Corée for Korean/European fusion food. It seemed more Korean and less European than the last time Dave and I went, but it was still yummy.

Someone wrote this amusing message on the sidewalk near Green Park. Apparently it's the name of a country music song.

Anyway, after dinner June took an Uber back to her hotel, and Dave and I watched an episode of "Six Feet Under" before collapsing into bed. Today, back to our normal schedule!


  1. That green wall is amazing! Wouldn't it be wonderful if a lot more buildings had one, especially in CBD areas.

  2. I have just planted out some very young sage plants that I rooted and grew on from a pack of herbs from Waitrose. I shall be very cross if the squirrels get at them!! The schnauzer loves chasing squirrels but he can't be there all the time!

  3. It sounds like June is enjoying her travels, and you had a lovely visit. Sorry about the squirrels dining on your plant but they do have to eat...Six Feet Under was a great series. I never did find out the end...

  4. And the problem with eating all day is...?
    Sounds like my kind of day.
    It's cooler and less humid here today and was absolutely delightful sleeping weather. I appreciate that so much.
    I'm eating lunch with my kids at one of our favorite fusion places today. Perhaps this is where I should take you if you come to visit.
    It's sort of crazy good. And right next door to a plant nursery!

  5. Amazing Captures - Well Done


  6. I'm sure June enjoyed the tour.

  7. a perfect day...apart from squirrel damage!

  8. the weather has been crazy. we've had a few summer days but it's been really pleasant. I love that living wall! I wonder how it's supported, how much dirt for all those roots.

  9. You really did have a busy day. I think you did more in one day than Roger and I do in a month. Sounds like a fun time too.

  10. It sounds like you had a nice visit with your stepmother. I don't think I've ever seen that green wall on that hotel before. That is quite a sight to see.

  11. "If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." I love that!

  12. The living wall is beautiful.

    I thought "June in May" would be a post about sudden warm weather swooping in! I bet your stepmother was glad to see a family face in the midst of her cruise.

  13. The living wall is amazing. I looked it up and found out you can even make your own (on a smaller scale) from a kit - and they aren't all horribly expensive. It sounds like you made the most of your day with your stepmother.

  14. Love you photos today glad that you had what sounds like a lovely way to spend the day.

  15. David: It IS amazing. This one is maintained especially well. Sometimes you see these green walls and they're all scraggly or even dead because they just don't get enough water.

    Frances: Fingers crossed the squirrels stay away from yours! I don't know why they're so obsessed with this particular plant in our garden, but they've ravaged it several times. And yes, like your schnauzer, Olga would love to be chasing those squirrels if possible, but she's indoors most of the day!

    E: I have no sympathy for the squirrels having to eat. There's plenty to eat out there besides our plant!

    Ms Moon: That cafe sounds great. So many places to visit! How will we manage?!

    Padre: Thank you!

    Red: I think so!

    GZ: Yeah, nothing is ever completely perfect, I suppose!

    Ellen: Yeah, I wonder too. Some of those seem like fairly big plants!

    Robin: I'm ready for a down day, honestly.

    Sharon: It's right on Piccadilly opposite Green Park, near Hyde Park Corner. Next time you're here, check it out!

    Catalyst: Isn't that great? It's a song by someone named Tracy Byrd, and I have no idea who that is, but apparently he's a country singer.

    Jenny-O: Yeah, I was posting a deliberately vague title. LOL!

    Sue: Yeah, I've seen them on other buildings, but never quite this successfully. I think they take special care of this one.

    Comox: It was indeed a good day! Fab weather, too.