Wednesday, May 8, 2019

News Updates, with Daisies

It's raining this morning, and Olga is showing no sign of wanting to go for a walk. So I may be off the hook! It's a very rare day when I can skip walking the dog, but I hope this is one of them.

A few news updates:

-- Remember the nesting pigeon? Well, I haven't seen him or her around recently. I looked up into the bush where the nest is located, and it's still there. It's a bit ramshackle, just a loosely constructed platform, and there appears to be a single egg or eggshell in it. But no bird. So either the nest failed or the pigeons have hatched and moved on. (Could it happen that quickly?) I'm not too worried. We have no shortage of pigeons.

-- I called Citibank to change the billing address for my credit card to one of my relative's houses in Florida. I was assured by the guy on the phone (who I believe was in India) that this will keep my account open. I'm skeptical because it all seemed too easy, but we'll see!

-- Here's what we did with our celebrity flowerpot (which, we belatedly realized, is actually a celebrity garden pedestal). We put it in a corner of the patio with a fern on it. Seems like a good solution!

-- Finally, fellow blogger Sharon has published several photos of orange African daisies growing in Arizona, where she lives. I've always loved those flowers, but I never saw them here. For some reason the African daisies I encountered tended to be purple. But then, while on my walk in Richmond on Monday, I passed a flower stall, and there were pots of orange ones for sale! I bought a few, repotted them and put them on our front porch. (They're mostly closed up in the photo, but they'll reopen when the sun hits them.) Eventually we'll move them to the garden, where they are reportedly slug resistant. Now we can pretend we're in Africa, or maybe Arizona -- at any rate, somewhere sunnier and warmer than here!

(Top photo: A wisteria-draped house and a pub in Richmond on Monday.)


  1. Those daisies are beautiful. I've been having nothing but trouble with my card lately. Good luck with yours.

  2. Chucking it down here too in Herts ! The schnauzer looked out of the open back door......snorted , and turned back in. He will have to have his raincoat on now and go out whether he likes it or not.. he refuses to do his " business" in the garden so we need to go out! The garden is enjoying the rain though!

  3. Orange African daisies may be resistant to amateurish American and African slugs but determined and resourceful British slugs view them as an exotic delicacy to be feasted upon.

  4. The celebrity garden pedestal sits well in that corner. A pot of the orange daisies, when they are older and wiser, would look good there too.

  5. That pedestal looks like it was made to be in that spot! I agree with Alphie- some flowers up there might eventually be a fine thing.
    I love the African daisies- who wouldn't? So cheerful.
    I hope your card is truly all legit and good now.

  6. Brother Steve,
    Fantastic Captures Here!! Well Done


  7. I love that pedestal! What a cool find that was. So, maybe we need to buy some African daisies to get a hint of that desert sun.

  8. how did I miss the post where you got the celebrity pot/pedestal? it should have been obvious right away that you had it upside down just by looking at the flower motif on it...which was upside down. and it might be a plant stand, it certainly works well for that, but it could also be a birdbath. is the dish glazed? and yeah, a cool find!

    rainy day here yesterday, all day. the dog trembled and panted all day. I kept thinking she would exhaust herself, but no.

  9. Oh my gosh, I'm so glad you found some African daisies and added them to your collection. They really are the most cheerful of flowers. I hope they thrive in your garden.
    That street scene in Richmond is wonderful. Everything about it is interesting, the wisteria, the pub, the people passing by...every detail.
    Speaking of your nesting pigeon, I saw the strangest place for a pigeon to be nesting last night at the Scottsdale Fashion Square mall. I snapped a couple of photos with the iPhone that I'll share later this week.
    Fingers crossed that the change of address will work for the credit card. If the guy in India said it would, it must be true. :-)

  10. I love how you have used Emma's plant stand, the rain will make you garden grow we could use some here as we have thrown down some grass seed it seems to be taking it's time showing some result may need to get some fertilizer.

  11. Those orange daisies are just beautiful - love the color. I'll bet they look great on your front porch. Hope your pigeon babies hatched and have successfully left the nest. I know there are probably lots around, but don't you feel a special bond with one who chose your yard to nest in? We had a robin who nested two years in a decorative wall hanging only a few feet from my kitchen window. She didn't return this year, but whenever I see a robin in my yard I wonder if it is her or one of her offspring.

  12. The pedestal is perfect for that corner, and now the flowers on it are right side up!

    Love the orange daisies. What a rich colour.

  13. It is a wonderful thing to have a garden. Those daisies. Wow.