Thursday, May 9, 2019

Rain and the Royal Baby

It rained off and on all day yesterday, sometimes heavily -- and it was a beautiful thing to see. We went several weeks without any substantial rain, and I'm glad we seem to be past that dry spell. Of course I work inside all day, so that's easy for me to say. I can look outside and enjoy the rain and stay dry and snug myself.

You can see the pink heads of the persicaria in our garden, outside the rain-spattered back window...

...and here's our patio, under a sheet of water!

When we went to lunch the other day with our former neighbors, Chris and Linda, the new royal baby was a topic of conversation. Linda, who's in her 70s, seemed fascinated by the baby's race. She kept asking, "But what if it's a black baby?" I said, "Well, I think that's pretty much guaranteed, at least in part!" For her, the matter of race seemed to boil down almost entirely to appearance.

I think it's terrific that Harry and Meghan got together and had a child. This is the future -- a blending of humanity, across racial lines and national borders. Thank goodness. Little Archie is a global baby -- although ironically, his name makes me think of Archie Bunker. Maybe British people (and younger people) don't have that same association.

Dave and I have been watching a Netflix show called "Bloodline." It's several years old, but it's really good, at least so far. It's got a great cast: Sissy Spacek! Chloƫ Sevigny! Sam Shepard! Plus it's set in Florida! We're only about three episodes in, but we're digging it.


  1. I think of the comic strip "The Archies" -- I think that's what it was called. Veronica and Betty? Was there an actual Archie? Anyway -- I admit to being a tad besotted with the new baby.

  2. In the interests of peace and harmony on your blog I'll refrain from commenting on your friend Linda.
    And Archie! Like a few million others, my first thought was Archie & Jughead. Those comics started 75 years ago.
    Time flies.

  3. Yeah, I thought of "The Archies," too! Multiple associations with that name. :)

  4. I know of Archie Bunker. To avoid confusion they should have chosen a different name for the baby boy. I think Prince Steve has a nice ring to it and after all England once had a King Steve (1135-1154).

  5. Do you remember when Jessie was pregnant with Levon, and Gibson wanted her to name him King Richard?
    I can't help but be a little in love with Baby Archie Harrison. And I love that picture of Queen Elizabeth checking him out. She actually strikes me as a pretty cool lady. She's seen a thing or two!
    "But what if it's a black baby?" Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I love your answer. He's a human baby. And in some ways, he represents each and every one of us. And he is obviously adored.
    I haven't seen that Netflix show. We should give it a try.
    Glad you got rain.

  6. I suggested Bloodline to you when it came out. You are just now getting around to watching it?

  7. oh fer cryin' out loud. so concerned about what the color of the skin might be when there are plenty of people with darker skin that are considered white. I still don't get why any percentage of 'black' blood makes a person 'black'. like Obama who was 50/50. why was he not considered white? it was just as appropriate. as for the name, it makes me think of the Archie of the comics.

    we're supposed to get more heavy rain the next few days but it was supposed to rain yesterday and didn't really.

  8. Sad that there seems to be some racial issues with Megan.

  9. what if he is a white we need more entitled white men on the planet...
    Archie was the best dog we ever had, rescued from being thrown off of a bridge, an airedale shepherd mix, so the name,Archie, has a very nice ring to it. Pretty sure he will have a great sense of humor. Kudos to the parents!

  10. I love your photo through the wet glass. It's very beautiful. It's interesting to hear peoples reactions to the race issue of the royal baby. I'm with you, I think blending races and country lines is a positive thing. After all, this is one small planet and together we are going to have to try to save it.

  11. Yup, Archie Andrews came to mind. And he had red hair, like Harry. I haven't seen Master Archie's yet though.

  12. This confirms what I suspected - you are a very tolerant person! I think I might be letting that friendship slip away.

    What if the baby is black? What about it? *sits gaping at the question*

  13. I often wonder what is said about race when there is no diversity in a room. What if the baby is black? Interesting that she was solely concerned with appearance. In fact the baby might look quite white, but the fact is, he is also black, as you so aptly pointed out.

  14. When I first heard the name Archie, I immediately thought of the comic books I read when I was young. I had completely forgotten about Archie Bunker. What if he looks black? What an outrageous question. Oh I so wish humans would wake up and understand we're all just one species on our planet.

  15. I love your response to "but what if it's a black baby" well said Steve, I like the name Archie it rolls of the tongue in as calling "Archie time to come in for your tea" my imagination is running away with me but I think he will be raised like any other child with not to much pomp and circumstance much like Diana tried to do.

  16. That first photo looks like a beautiful impressionist painting. And the light in the view of the patio is fantastic. So talented!

  17. Elizabeth: There was (is) an actual Archie character! "Riverdale," the TV show, is based on those old Archie comics, as you probably know. I think "The Archies" was a faux-band concocted in the '60s and based on the comics characters. They had the hit "Sugar, Sugar."

    Alphie: It IS amazing to think they've been around that long! Linda is OK, really. She just has some very retro views.

    YP: Ah, yes, King Steve. One of the lesser-known monarchs.

    Ms Moon: I love that picture of the Queen too. I think she's pretty awesome. As you said, she's seen a lot! As I told Dave, though, I wonder what Prince Philip (known for his off-color humor) is saying about all this?

    Utah: We move very slowly! It's been on my list of suggested shows for ages -- I forgot the suggestion came from you!

    Ellen: I agree -- it's all very arbitrary. I think the notion that a person with any percentage of "black" blood counts as black comes from Jim Crow, actually. The "one drop" rule, or something like that. Horrible!

    Red: Well, only with some people!

    Linda Sue: Archie is a good dog name!

    Sharon: Absolutely. And it really IS the future. The planet is much smaller than it used to be and we're going to continue to mix and blend and move around. All these delineations will become less meaningful over time.

    Catalyst: Yeah, I thought of that red hair connection too! Funny.

    Colette: We're enjoying it so far!

    Jenny-O: Well, I try to keep in mind that Linda is from a generation that saw many more restrictions on the behavior of royalty. I don't think she necessarily objects to Archie being black -- I think she's just stunned that a royal has married and had a child with a divorced, biracial American woman. As are a lot of older people, I suspect, who never imagined they'd see a multicultural royal family! But it's so perfect and truly represents modern England, and the modern world.

    37P: Yeah, it's funny how she couldn't quite wrap her head around the fact that blackness isn't just a function of visible color. I would love to overhear her conversations with her husband about all this.

    Robin: Funny how so many more people identify with the comics than Archie Bunker! He was the first thing that popped into my mind. But then, I loved "All in the Family."

    Comox: Yeah, they seem very down-to-earth in their approach to life in general.

    Sue: Thank you!