Friday, May 24, 2019


Dear God, will this week ever end?! I'm still struggling with some secondary health complaints related to my fever on Monday and Tuesday, mainly fatigue. I need a few days to rest. Fortunately we're going into a three-day weekend so I'll have a chance -- assuming I survive work today!

Some of you asked about Dave and Olga. Dave's health has been looking up the last few days -- he's supposed to begin new medication next week -- and Olga was OK until this morning, when her stomach began gurgling again. (No doubt she ate more sticks on yesterday's walk. She'll be fine.)

The roses in our garden are almost all blooming. We've seen a flower on nearly every bush. These are just a few of them.

I never thought of myself as a rose person, but having these bushes (all already in place when we moved in) has been surprisingly enjoyable. They're dependable and tough, and they don't require a great deal of care -- just an annual pruning and occasional feeding.

Dave and I were sitting in the living room yesterday evening, looking out at the garden and all the shimmering insects flying in the summery air, and it struck me again how pleasant England can be. (When it's not cold and raining.) Our high temperatures today will be around 72ยบ F. And those insects I mentioned? None of them bite or sting -- at least, not without provocation. So unlike my native Florida! It still blows my mind to live in a place where we don't need screens on the windows.


  1. Lucky, that's what you three are. Those roses are beautiful. I do hope you get rest and feel better. My mother grew several roses near the equator and enjoyed them.

  2. Roses are my favourite flower, and I think the perfume from a rose is the most romantic of all scents. You are extremely fortunate to have so many good roses blooming in your garden. And the pictures you posted are superb! Thank you.

  3. Your roses are stunning, especially that first one.

  4. I hope that you both ( and Olga) have a relaxing long weekend. I don't work anymore ( well not paid work) , so a Bank Holiday doesn't mean much these days...though it did when I worked in a bank! It meant that the day after we had to do twice the work !!
    Beautiful roses.....I think that the weather this year has been right for them as ours are looking full of buds.

  5. That's beautiful.
    Our roses are only just coming into bloom up here. I love older varieties, and Reine de Violettes is the first out

  6. I think when we are born into this country we tend to take everything for granted. It is a lovely place to live and I couldn't stand the heat in Florida.
    I hope the new meds help Dave, it's no joke that complaint.
    Roses, lovely.

  7. I never thought of you as a rose person either Steve. There are many other flowers I might have associated with you before the rose - such as the rafflesia arnoldii.

  8. What beautiful, beautiful roses. How lucky you are!

    Enjoy your long weekend, Steve. I'm definitely looking forward to mine--I could use some extra sleep.

    I hope you and Dave both feel better very soon!

  9. Gorgeous There Brother Reed. Also, I Laughed Out Loud About The Pillow Hog Photo. Brilliant!!


  10. Those roses are little windows into heaven.
    As to London VS Florida- you wouldn't mind if I came and lived with you guys, right?
    I keep saying, "I think I'm about done with Florida" and everyone laughs like I'm joking. No. I'm not. This is the summer that may kill me.

  11. Your roses look like the superheroes of flowers--POW! BAM!

    A three day weekend? You don't get Memorial Day off, do you?

  12. Have a good weekend and recuperate.

  13. Just go out and smell the roses Steve. You will feel better in no time at all.
    Those roses are truly beautiful. Your landlord should be very impressed with the care you and Dave take with the garden.

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  15. Roses are so beautiful. I would never buy one to plant, but the house we bought had a yard full of them. You're right... easy to care for and really quite lovely. Hope you feel better and enjoy your three-day weekend. Take care there.

  16. Beautiful roses! I love them, they are so gorgeous. Your pictures are gorgeous as well.

  17. Gorgeous blooms, Steve, and your weather sounds just like ours will finally be again today.

  18. Those roses are beautiful the gift that gives on giving, when people ask me what's the weather like where I live I always say much like England, for most people they have a whole other idea about Canadian weather but I feel fortunate to live in BC where spring always arrives early.
    Enjoy your weekend in good health.

  19. my dad could grow beautiful roses. he used to bring the expired blood home from the hospital and pour it on the ground. his roses had hellacious thorns. you have some real beauties there.

  20. Oh, those roses! I hope you are resting up and getting lots of sleep this weekend.

  21. No screens on the windows there?
    Scott said the same about Sweden after going there last year. He was quite shocked. For how can you not need screens? Are there no mosquitoes? No houseflies? And if not, what do the birds eat?
    You couldn't get by without window screens anywhere in Saskatchewan.
    But now that he's seen this screenlessness for himself, we no longer can say that movies set in the southern US or Europe are not realistic.
    Such as I always say when the characters sleep with only one light blanket covering them. No way! (But clearly, yes, there are places where ...)
    Or where after a night of passion, the couple wakes with their underwear on. As IF. Or where, if it's a hetero couple, the woman has sex with her bra on. Pfft. Puhleeze.
    Then again, we have to admit, everyone in the world isn't exactly like us. So who knows?

  22. I think your life in London definitely agrees with you.