Wednesday, May 29, 2019


This is my Olga contact sheet.

Remember contact sheets? Back when photographers used film, they'd develop the film and then print the whole roll by laying the negative strips on photographic paper and exposing the paper to light. That way they could get a quick look at all their shots, and they could tell which ones were worth printing larger.

Obviously, these shots were taken digitally. But when I put them into iPhoto I couldn't help but notice the similarity to a contact sheet.

As you can tell, I was taking pictures of the back of Olga's head. I love the way her lopsided ears look from behind. Which frames would you print? I like the second-to-last one, but unfortunately it's blurry, so that one's out.

I finally went with number 7:

You can tell she's a goofball, just by the set of her ears.

Speaking of photos, I hit the 30,000-photo mark on Flickr yesterday. It's kind of insane, isn't it? To think that since 2006, when I joined Flickr, I've uploaded 30,000 pictures. If I didn't tag and organize them online, I couldn't keep track of them all.

And speaking of heads, I found this doodle on the sidewalk next to a trash can in West Hampstead. What do you think is going on here? Are these real people? Friends? Relatives? Convicts? A short story is begging to be written. That guy at the top either has two black eyes or some serious eyeliner.

I had a new celebrity sighting yesterday morning! He was having a chat with one of our famous neighbors at the neighbor's front garden gate. A bit of excitement for an otherwise uneventful day. (Follow the links for identities -- I try not to blog names so I don't wind up on the celebs' Google news feeds.)


  1. As you know, my Grandson is and A&R man for Universal, he is meeting celebs all the time and doesn't bat an eye, lol
    I've had a couple in my front room, how's that for boasting, LOL
    Loving the pics of Olga as usual.

  2. That's a little bit cruel - judging Olga from behind. If you were on a London bus (untypical of English buses in general) and a small boy saw your head from behind he might say, "Look Mama, it's Richard O'Brien!"

  3. I love the Olga contact sheets — she’s a celebrity in her own right!

  4. Contact sheets. Funny you should mention them. I hadn't seen any in years and a couple of weeks ago, as I walked onto one of the city underground platforms, a young man pulled a set of coloured contact prints from his satchel. I was so surprised I stopped in my tracks to make sure I hadn't imagined it.
    I only had a few seconds to glance at them from a distance and then my train arrived.

  5. Contact sheets is a new term for me; interesting.

    I like the photo you picked, and also the very last one. Oh, heck, I like them all. Even the blurry one. I don't think there's such a thing as a bad shot of Olga - she's good from any angle!

  6. Are you going to send those shots to a manager? Olga needs to get her career going. She's old enough to do character roles now.

  7. that is a great shot of Olga from the back. and I wouldn't know either one of those two 'celebrities' if they were standing right in front of me.

  8. The Olga contact sheet is very cool. We have a box full of Roger's old contact sheets from back in the day. They're fun to look at. You do have cool celebrity sightings there.

  9. Good choice with the head shot! It must be the season for it as I had some contact sheets printed this week, too, for some unlabelled rolls of developed film (a crazy short-lived kind that are locked in their canister so you can't unroll them to look). It was an expensive exercise to find pictures of the bounty from our veggie patch from more than a decade ago. At $10 a go, sadly these photos won't be reprinted, haha.

    Last week Lady Edith from Downton Abbey walked into my doctor's surgery as I came out after my flu shot. It took me a minute or so to realise who she was. My first thought was I knew her face from my exercise class, as an English actor is the last person you expect to see in Sydney. I checked later and it seems she's in town filming a show.

  10. I like #6 - and yes, her ears are a sign that she's a fabulously goofy dog :)