Saturday, May 18, 2019

The Latest iPhone Lineup

Here are some random iPhone pictures from the last week or two. First, Olga posing in front of an impressive California lilac near our flat. Dave has said he wants one of these bushes, but they get awfully big and after all, our garden is only rented. We can enjoy them on the street!

A closed flower shop near the Kilburn tube station. Someone's been spraying bizarre graffiti about "Black Mass" (whatever that is) around the neighborhood.

Here's some happier graffiti. This mural has been up for years and until recently was completely obstructed by shrubbery. Now someone's cleaned out the bushes and we can see that it says "Music is Life" and features a DJ working a couple of turntables. Hampstead School is also mentioned -- it's nearby. Maybe whoever painted this was a student?

One of my neighbors has a little statue on her garden wall of two snuggly frogs. I doubt frogs behave quite like this in the wild. Olga was completely uninterested.

According to Google translate, this means "The Flying Fryers." I think it's a band.

An elaborate (and probably incredibly expensive) oriental rug in the window of a gallery on Piccadilly. Kind of dreamy with the reflections!

Some chalk graffiti in front of the Hotel Intercontinental -- "No more melting the poles." I'm not sure what a cat (tiger?) has to do with it, but hey, I'm in total agreement.

And finally, a sticker I found on a light pole near school. Someone's being provocative!


  1. If you could locate two more hugging frogs - just like the double statue you spotted - it would sit very happily in your garden as a symbol of your marriage to Dave. If you can't find frogs two hugging badgers would do or maybe Laurel and Hardy.

  2. As proof that I need to give political news a rest, the sign about 'melting the poles' I first took as an anti-immigration statement. Reading too quickly, I only saw 'melting pot'!
    Stunning photo of the rug.

  3. Just spent a good five minutes looking for the statue of courting frogs that I've always wanted and can't find it. Five minutes is long enough. It's two frogs on a courting bench with an umbrella or parasol above them.
    At first glance I thought that the chalk graffiti with the cat said "No more melting the paws."
    Anyway, as always, I do love your iPhone pictures and I wish the little glass flower shop would reopen. Such a little jewel box of a building and I can imagine it filled with flowers.

  4. So you have those California lilacs in London too! I wonder if they would grow here. They really are beautiful when they are blooming. As always, I love the variety of photos.

  5. Nice variety of photos today Steve, enjoy your weekend it's a long weekend here in Canada.

  6. your iPhone photos are always fun and interesting.

  7. Your iphone turned out to be very handy.

  8. I'm with Dave. I love lilacs. Your landlord would thank you.

  9. WONDERING IF THE LITTLE FLOWER SHOP CLOSED DREADING brexit AND THE LACK OF THE USUAL ABUNDANCE OF FLOWERS THAT SELL SO AFFORDABLY THERE. Sorry didn't mean to scream. Caps lock...The lilac bush is fabulous, only problem with them is that they do not flower for very long and then you just have a big bush. We are considering a drought resistant garden here, seriously dry, the fires this summer will be pretty terrible - predicted.

  10. That lilac is gorgeous! I'm off to google Black Mass - I'm intrigued!

  11. In my opinion, there isn't a single tree, shrub or flowerbed that isn't improved by adding Olga. Case in point - that lilac bush :)

    I agree with Linda Sue on the lilacs. The blossoms are so short-lived and then it's just a green bush. That's okay if you have lots of space, but if not . . .

    I wonder why the mural in the third photo is still so bright? It looks like it was only put there recently!

    I enjoy your iPhotos. Always something of interest.

  12. Black Mass = Satanic Mass (duh). There was also a movie. In 2015.

  13. YP: How about slugs? Do they hug?

    Marty: I thought the same thing when I saw it! I guess to Americans, "Melting Pot" is such a familiar phrase that it jumps out at us.

    Ms Moon: It IS a great little building, isn't it?!

    Sharon: Yeah, they're quite popular here, actually!

    Comox: Enjoy your long weekend!

    Ellen: Thank you!

    Red: Yes, it IS handy when I don't want to carry the big camera.

    Catalyst: I love lilacs, too. The California lilac isn't a true lilac, I don't think -- but I just can't imagine where we'd put it!

    Linda Sue: Who knows why that shop closed. It may be Brexit related. It's hard to tell.

    Bug: I don't think the graffiti is alluding to Black Mass in the Satanic sense, though. I could be wrong but it seems to be something racial...?

    Jenny-O: Maybe because the mural was covered up by the bushes it was protected from fading? Thanks for the kind words! Olga appreciates them too. :)