Saturday, September 21, 2019

Bathtub With Chicken Bones

I'm off to Florida today, and I still have to pack and get myself to the airport. (Fortunately my flight isn't until about 2 p.m.) So it's a good day for a quick post of some random photos!

I've photographed this woman before. I see her around our neighborhood all the time. She makes her own clothes and has some very interesting fashion sense. Her dresses all seem to follow this basic pattern, but she has quite a few of them in different fabrics.

(This picture is from way back in July. I just never blogged it, probably because it's blurry. But oh well.)

Doesn't this footstool (or pouf or whatever it is) look like a giant squash? Ghostly Olga, reflected in the furniture store window, thinks so.

Some of you liked the unusual dormitories at the University of East London that I blogged last weekend. Here's another view. Like all panos, it's a bit distorted -- the buildings are actually all the same size, and the two pairs face each other at a slight angle, if you can picture that.

No idea what this is about. Some paranoid gibberish, probably.

An interesting letter box in a front door near Childs Hill.

Anybody want a free (slightly extremely used) bathtub?

This tree is on our street, and as you can see it's been positively consumed by that vine. (I think it's a hops vine, as in hops used in beer, but I'm not sure.) I wrote the council to let them know it needs to be cleared but I haven't heard anything back. I have half a mind to do it myself -- I think the tree is doomed otherwise -- but first I'd have to check with the person who lives in the nearest house. For all I know they planted that vine and maybe they like it. And then I wonder, am I being a busybody?

Discarded office furniture, with chicken bones. Urban life!

And finally, a rainbow flag on the path to a nearby shopping center. I have no idea what it's doing there, but it looks pretty bedraggled so I imagine it's been there a while!


  1. Another lot of lovely interesting photo's. Enjoy your trip.

  2. "Brian! Brian?"

    "What is it?"

    "Another complaint from that American fellow in West Hampstead."

    "Oh Christ! What is it this time?"

    "Something about hops growing on a tree"

    "Jesus! Just file it away with the rest of them."


    Have a lovely trip back to The Sunshine State.

  3. Yes, it is a hop bine...cut down to harvest every year.

  4. Safe journey and hope all goes well with your mom.

    The vine covered tree reminds me of all the kudzu-covered ones in our area. No stopping kudzu.

  5. These shots delight me. Well, except for the one of that weird poufy thing. That is hideous.
    You are such a good son. I hope that all gets sorted out nicely for your mother and that things go smoothly.

  6. perhaps someone is planning on harvesting those hops to make some home brew.

  7. Ah, the bathtub reminds me of the things we see discarded here in our little town. It amazes me to see what people put out in the streets. Have a safe and good journey, Steve.

  8. Another fun set of photos. I like that woman's fashion's very much her own! And, that letter slot is very ornate. The ghostly Olga is pretty neat!
    Safe travels!

  9. Safe travels home. I dont love that orange poufy thing, it looks like something acary growing in a sci fi film.

  10. I like the lady in picture number one. She has style. And did you notice that rainbow flag looks like a technicolor emu?

  11. I feel badly for that tree. Why are hops growing in London? I do like the dorms. The buildings they put up in Tucson are giant boxes, looming over the existing single level buildings.

  12. I was at a pride event today & saw all manner of rainbow articles - it was very festive :)

  13. I admire the paint job on that door with the letter box. Someone has steady hands.

    Love the assortment of interesting shots, as always. Safe travels!

  14. I vote you be a busybody, if that's what it is to care about the life of that tree.

    Every year in my old place, I used to go into the yard next door and cut back the grape vine that was pulling down and smothering a lilac tree. It was rental property and no one cared.
    The lilac grew to be two stories tall.

  15. I'd just give it a healthy trim. It's quite a lovely tree. I've never seen a hops tree before. Steve, I love the photos. I think the dorms are awesome. That lady sure does have an interesting view on fashion and she looks ever so happy with herself. It hurts to see a flag discarded. This one is so beautifully colorful. Enjoy your trip and safe travel. Hugs, Edna B.

  16. Your neighbor needs to visit Fuengirola. She'd fit right in.