Wednesday, May 9, 2018

A Squirrel Raid, and Iran

This is Hillside Court, an apartment building on Finchley Road that Olga and I often pass on our walks. It's very deco, isn't it? The morning light was really nice on this particular day.

Remember all those seedlings I painstakingly transferred from the seed trays to pots over the weekend? Well, we had our first "squirrel raid" on the pots yesterday. It wasn't too devastating, but I did lose maybe ten plants. Oh well. They're not all going to make it to maturity, and I knew that from the start. I moved the pots from the patio table to a less squirrel-prone area, but nothing is guaranteed!

I'm sick to death about Trump withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal. Frankly I think it has less to do with national security than with undoing a key piece of diplomacy from Obama's tenure. The Republicans just will not rest until they've destroyed everything Obama accomplished. Withdrawing from the deal is a historic mistake, with possibly world-changing implications -- and not for the better. It certainly helps convince the Iranians (and the rest of the globe) that America is not to be trusted.

Olga's leg seems a bit better, but she's still limping when she runs around in the garden in the evenings. I have a feeling we're moving toward surgery.

Oh, and I had to pop back into the dentist last night to get my temporary filling replaced on my root canal tooth. It fell out a few days ago, when I was eating something not particularly crunchy that suddenly became very crunchy.  So the count is up to nine appointments so far to work on this tooth, counting the two I'll have in June to get the crown. Fortunately he didn't charge me for this one!


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Of course Olga isn't burning off energy any more. I am scared she will get fat. Maybe you should open a crowd-funding page to pay for possible surgery. I would happily donate £5.

Jennifer said...

Gas prices are rising by the day here. Let's see how happy the Trumpers are when they're paying $5 per gallon to fill up their massive SUVs and monster size trucks. Oh, yeah, I forgot...somehow it will be Obama's fault.

Ms. Moon said...

In the interest of not using swear words on your blog, I'll refrain from saying anything about DT this morning. I'll just say that I love your photos today (as I do every day but hey!) and I hope that Olga doesn't have to have surgery but if she does, it'll be a shorter and easier procedure than fixing your tooth has been.

Anonymous said...

I am so disheartened by Trump and what he is doing. I keep thinking his latest policy moves are ways to keep the Russian Stormy news out of the headlines. He will do anything to manipulate headlines. Sending good wishes to Olga and you for all health and tooth related stuff. Take care there.

Red said...

Trump and his crew are working on emotion rather than strategic planning for a better country and world.

Sharon said...

I'm kind of in the same boat as Ms. Moon above. I'm trying to think of something to say without using swear words. Jennifer is right about the gas prices. I pass a station that jumped up by 15 cents over night last night.
I love that apartment building in your photo!

jenny_o said...

Oooo, I've had that not-crunchy-suddenly-crunchy-whoops thing happen, although it's been years . . . no, not a nice feeling. Your poor tooth! At least the nerve was gone, so no shrieking pain, I hope!

I hope Olga doesn't need surgery. I imagine it's hard to keep her quiet long enough to mend, though.

37paddington said...

The dentist--my very least favorite thing to do.

Sorry to hear there might be surgery in Olga's future! Oh dear.

As for Trump, does he really believe he can erase Obama from the history books by undoing all his good works. Trump will just look like the chump he is, the mean, narcissistic, little, little man, in history.

Marty said...

Practically every winter, hungry for spring, I've bought seeds and poked them into tiny cups. Sometimes they make it pretty far, but usually I'm unsuccessful, so I'm impressed with you staying power.
Good wishes to Olga - at least she had some sun to laze in.

Rafe's Hotel said...

I have to agree with everything you've said. And re the Iran situation, T***p and his fearful (probably hateful) followers may think they can destroy Obama's legacy, but they can't destroy the memory of it. And when history adds it up, they will be despised for what they have done. (And reading through your blog responses, I find as so often happens that I agree with 37 Paddington ... I do that on her blog as well, although my fingers rarely get their act together.)