Thursday, May 3, 2018

Signs of the Times

Dave taught one class yesterday morning (not to babies) and then had a check-up with his gastroenterologist, which basically amounted to a big thumbs-up for his current state of health. Apparently his inflammation levels are low and his blood nutrients and whatnot look good. So that's a relief! I've been worried about whether he should see a dietitian because his largely vegan diet is so restrictive -- I want to be sure he's eating well enough -- but the signs so far indicate that he is and the doctor said a dietitian isn't needed.

Dave spent yesterday afternoon with his parents, watching British TV. I left them with the BBC's "Morning" show when I went to work, and apparently they watched "Eggheads" and some other stuff during the day. Last night we had tacos and watched "The Crown," because Dave's parents had never seen it and his mom, at least, is interested in the royal family. His dad tolerated it.

They've been to London before, so I don't think they see any great need to do sightseeing. They're happy just to rest at our house before catching the flight home. Olga appreciates the company.

In terms of pictures, here are a few odd signs I found on my way to work yesterday morning.

(Not really a sign -- just an oddly folded advertisement. When I first found it, I thought "I didn't know we had Dairy Queen in the UK." But I belatedly realized it's a PETA campaign against dairy farming, starring actor Alan Cumming.)

Another missing-cat poster, gone psychedelic in the rain. London cats often go missing, or are killed by cars or predators, because some people insist they should be allowed to wander outdoors rather than be kept inside. You already know that, as a former indoor cat owner, I feel differently. I suspect this is a loaded topic among cat people.

Finally, a reasonable spring weather forecast -- although chilly at the moment! I went to Homebase on the way home from work last night and bought some pots for my cosmos and zinnia seedlings, along with some more soil and a bag of bird seed, all of which I lugged home in my arms. I was sweating and groaning by the time I reached the front door. Gotta get those seedlings planted in the next few days, and out into the fresh air and sun!


Elizabeth said...

I should start watching British comedies again. I remember them as being so smart and entertaining. Is Eggheads good?

John Going Gently said...

I see there is a new queen in the third season

Ms. Moon said...

How great to hear that Dave is doing well! Hurray!
Man, I still haven't planted my zinnias. What's wrong with me?

Anonymous said...

Really good news about Dave! I agree about cats being indoor critters for so many reasons. They are both prey and predator.

Sharon said...

It looks like the weekend is going to be pretty pleasant in your world. Perfect weather for planting.

Catalyst said...

I would be concerned if my partner was a vegan also but good news for Dave. Apparently it's working for him.

jenny_o said...

Good to hear that Dave is doing well. It's hard to be on a restrictive diet but if it's working, it's so worth it.

I'm on the side of indoor cats as well, although obesity does become an issue. They are so independent it is hard to coax them to play!

Have fun planting :)

Colette said...

I would have thought the same thing about the Dairy Queen sign, ha. At this point in time, you may just want to wait a couple of weeks and plant the zinnias right in the ground. Then you won't have to worry about transplanting later. Unless you are planting them in a container. I'm still fairly new to your blog so not 100% sure of your gardening space.

Sabine said...

Congratulations to Dave's health results. Does he take Vit B 12 supplements (or Marmite)? Really important when on a vegan diet, I sadly forgot that and ended up shit's creek last summer.

For some reason, I just love these pictures.