Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Grass Eating on Wobbly Wheels

Here's another picture from my trip down to Westminster last week. Anyplace there are tourists, there are bound to be love locks like the ones above. Remember that bridge in Paris that was so burdened with locks that part of it collapsed, and the rest had to be removed? On Westminster Bridge there's not really any place to attach a lock -- the railings are stone -- so structures like this little metal gate off to the side appear to bear the lock burden.

We've had more Olga drama. Her back leg seemed so much better on Sunday that Dave and I put her back on her dog walkers' schedule, and then we took her out ourselves to the cemetery. She had a great time grazing on the long grass:


Olga loves her salad.

And then, somehow, she cut her front paw open! She chased a squirrel into the woods, and I think that's when it happened, because suddenly she got kind of mopey. I thought she just didn't want to go home -- and then we got back to the house and Dave noticed that her front foot was bleeding. I couldn't believe it! I thought, "What ELSE could possibly happen?!" (Never a question to ask.)

We debated taking her to the vet, but the bleeding stopped and she was walking around on it OK. Besides, I was afraid the vet would think Dave or I had a canine version of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy. So we stuck with our original plan, and she's been out with the dog-walkers this week and seems fine despite her two wobbly wheels.

As for me, it's a busy time of year for recovering library materials. We're also still working on inventory, in which we scan every item in the library to detect any that may be missing. I generally really like inventory -- it's kind of geeky and I can let my mind wander -- but I worked on DVDs yesterday, and they're probably my least favorite items to scan. I have to open almost every DVD case because the bar codes are often on the inside, or on the discs themselves. It's very fiddly work.

The garden is doing well -- all except the wildflower corner, which I believe is a complete bust. Not a thing has grown there. I'm not sure what went wrong, but I think we're going to give up and plant something else. I laughed at one of my commenters on Monday who noted that my garden is "full of tension" and that rather than grousing about slugs and black spot I should just let nature take its course. Believe it or not, I am the relaxed member of our household gardening team. Dave is the one who insists that gardening is all about control!


Ms. Moon said...

Poor Olga. She'll be fine but what a lot to go through for one little doggie.
Just go ahead and stick something in the garden where the wildflowers won't grow and enjoy whatever you put there! Life is too short to stress out over the garden!

Red said...

Checking inventory with bar code use is new to me as I retired in the old days where we just looked for signed out books. No getting away with things these days.

Anonymous said...

Poor Olga with her new booboo. I hope she heals up well and quickly. She is such a rambunctious puppy dog. You made me laugh about "Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy"...that's very funny. Good luck with your flowers. Ours are struggling here with a heavy cloudy foggy persistent weather system that is driving us all a little droopy crazy.

Sharon said...

Poor Olga, she's had her share of accidents lately but, it sounds like she has handled them well. I love hearing the birds chirping in that little video as well seeing that tail wag.

Marty said...

Kind of amusing that your wildflowers that grow, well, wild, in nature don't want to grow in your garden.
Glad Olga's still soldiering on - too bad they don't make doggie bandaids.

Linda Sue said...

Garden and prevent sort of go together, control and garden might be overachieving! We just hope for the best, the deer eat everything even the deer resistant plants. Cemetery salad must be so full of nutrition- colon cleansing roughage. Sorry about Olga's leg and toes, Rough and tumble!

Catalyst said...

I've never seen a dog eat grass until your video. Crazy!

Vivian said...

That bridge in Paris -- it was the pedestrian Pont Des Arts and I detested those damn locks. They are worse than graffiti, and the people who put them up are vandals. The ideas of putting a "love lock" on a bridge came from an Italian romance novel from 2006 and it takes a great lack of imagination to join the herd of sheeple who are putting these damn things on public structures all over the world.

Dear Olga. My old dog loved broccoli, which is how she got her greens. Our grass wasn't tasty enough for her.

e said...

Poor dog! May her wheels grow less wobble very quickly...

jenny_o said...

I love how Olga's tail breaks out wagging! It looks like she's trying to keep it still but she can only go for so long :)

I roll my eyes at the lock situation :D

jenny_o said...

P. S. I hope Olga's ouchie parts mend quickly.

Steve Reed said...

Ms Moon: I agree. And then this morning the squirrels dug up more of my seedlings. AAAAARGH!

Red: Bar codes are WONDERFUL things. I can't imagine trying to do all this by hand.

Robin: She's more rambunctious than is good for her!

Sharon: Yeah, the birds are a nice touch! I noticed that too!

Marty: I KNOW! I thought I'd just throw those seeds down and they'd take off. Instead, nada.

Linda Sue: I think "Hope for the best" is a good gardening motto. I may adopt that one as well.

Catalyst: She LOVES her grass. A lot of people think dogs only eat grass when they're sick, but Olga eats it all the time. She thinks she's a cow. Maybe it's the coloring?

Vivian: I'm with you. I hate them. I first saw them in Florence in 2007 and I had no idea at the time what a curse they'd become.

E: We hope so!

Jenny-O: She's a very waggy dog, even with her ouchie leg(s). Although the video was taken before she hurt her foot, she's still wagging wildly!

37paddington said...

Poor Olga!

I remember someone (was it you?) saying once, there is no tired like end of the year teacher tired. Makes sense to me!