Sunday, May 20, 2018

I Can See Clearly Now

This is as close as I got to the Royal Wedding -- a window display at the opticians' on the local high street. I didn't even watch it on TV, though Dave did. Honestly, I think it's a wonderful taboo-busting development for the royal family, and society at large, and I wish Harry and Meghan every happiness.

I was too busy with practical stuff yesterday. I did laundry because it was an amazing drying day -- perfect for hanging everything outside -- and in England, believe me, those days don't come all that often! (At least it seems so now, as we near the end of a wet and chilly spring,)

I also washed the windows at the back of the flat, looking onto the garden. I'm always so happy to get that job done! I still need to do the ones in the front, and they're actually harder to get to because of shrubbery.

And, best of all, the plumber came and stopped that infernal dripping in the linen closet. It wasn't a big job -- just a matter of tightening the pipe joint, really, though I think he put some anti-leak stuff on it too. Anyway it seems dry now, and he didn't charge much. It's going to take a few days for the closet itself to dry out. We've left it standing open.

Olga and I took a long walk through Cricklewood in the morning. I considered taking her to the Heath, but I want her to take it easy on that ligament for another week or so. And of course, her cut foot is still healing, too.

We haven't seen any more mice, alive or dead. I think (dare I say it?) that we got them all. I feel bad about it, especially because I think they're the same ones I've photographed on our garden peanut feeder. If only they'd stayed outside! I cleaned out part of the "hole" (the closet under the neighbor's stairs, which I think is the official Mouse Access Point) and braced a glass mirror flush against the wall gap where I think they were getting in. Maybe that will prevent any others from getting ideas about coming inside.


Jennifer said...

Look at Olga smile! She's so sweet!

Sounds like you had a really productive day. I need some motivation for one of those!

Ms. Moon said...

Honestly, I think maybe Americans are more excited about this marriage than the British are.
As it warms up, the mice should be less interested in coming inside. I hope so.

Sharon said...

I stayed up all night and watched the royal wedding. It really was beautiful and I had a much better seat than everyone else who was there in person. I couldn't help thinking how proud Dianna would have been of her youngest.
You really did accomplish a lot yesterday.

Anonymous said...

It's good to know the sun is shining there. So now I know where it's been, because it sure hasn't been here for a very long time. It's always sad to have to trap those little furry rodents, but when they decide to move in, it's time to make them go. Olga looks so happy!

Catalyst said...

SWMBO had taped a lot of it and we watched quite a bit of the BBC America coverage. Great show and a great castle!

jenny_o said...

I need to do the same to our windows, especially the big one in our living room. It's covered with salt from the street, whipped into the air by spring storms and spattered against the glass!

I didn't watch the wedding either but checked out a few pictures and videos on the internet. They are a lovely couple and I hope they have a long and happy marriage.

37paddington said...

i watched the wedding on and off all day, except when i went out in the afternoon to perform a concert with my ragtag choir at the Queens Library for the Deaf, where the audience was a hearing audience, and came out on a rainy afternoon to hear us sing. I can't get those two love birds out of my mind. Sometimes, the fairy tale unexpectedly comes true. If it's ever happened for you, the echoes when you see it again just gob smack you. That's how my husband and i felt watching Harry and Meghan, gobsmacked by how true the love felt. A moment of brilliance in the murk of late. I welcomed it.

You, meanwhile, were so industrious!

The Bug said...

Olga & that sign are the perfect juxtaposition - excellent picture!

I didn't try to watch the wedding live, but I did watch clips of various things throughout the day - the sermon, the choir, the cellist... it was nice they are such a terribly cute couple.

I've had a productive weekend - Mike did a wedding, then we came home & I mowed. Today instead of going to church I grocery shopped & vacuumed & mopped. I just don't ever want to give up my fluffing off time, so I skip other stuff to do adult tasks. Ha!