Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Fishcotheque and Some Trivia

This chippy has the best name, doesn't it? I first photographed it six years ago, when it had a different sign -- I'm always glad to see it's still there whenever I pass Waterloo station. Someday I suppose I should eat there. They've now fully embraced the disco theme, with a disco ball motif and an adjacent sign proclaiming a "Fishco Inferno"!

This morning our landlord's supposed to show up for her "site visit." I told Dave I doubt we'll learn anything, but at least it will be good to put a name with a face -- both for her and for us. She may still kick us out, but if she does, I'm more mentally prepared than I was. I've been looking at other apartment listings -- both to rent and to buy -- and there seems to be some availability in our price range, so that's a good sign.

Buying is the more strenuous undertaking, and requires a lot more preparation, of course, but it's perhaps not out of the question.

Meanwhile, life goes on as usual. Olga has been erratic in her desire to walk -- on Monday she wouldn't go out at all, but yesterday she was raring to go and we did our full loop around the neighborhood. This morning she practically dragged us out of bed in her desire to get out into the back garden, where she immediately raced to the back wall growling -- I think she must have detected foxes. She's still out there as I write, standing guard.

This was the moon yesterday morning -- a crescent sliver hanging in the sky just after dawn.

Apropos of nothing, here are two random facts I've been meaning to blog:

-- The longest Newbery book is "The Story of Mankind," the first winner, from 1922. It's something like 440 pages in its revised edition. I'm still reading the Newberys but I haven't tackled that one yet. I might save it for last. The second-longest is "Smoky the Cowhorse," the 1927 winner, which comes in at something like 300 pages. That seems pretty long for a book about a horse. I haven't tackled that one either.

-- When I visited the ABBA exhibit on Sunday, I learned that the Swedish title for the song "Ring Ring," one of their earliest hits, is "Bara Du Slog En Signal." According to Google, that translates to "If Only You Called." I can see why they retitled it. "Ring Ring" is definitely snappier in English!


  1. Beautiful moon photograph.

    I hope I'm still here when you read Smoky the Cowhorse; it's my kinda book!
    Waiting on tenterhooks for tomorrow's post.

  2. That is a cool name for a fish and chip shop! We have one in Sheffield called "New Cod On The Block". I hope that the owner's visit provides some clarity re. the future. How sad it would be to have to leave your lovely garden.

  3. I like the name of that fish and chip shop, it's good to be wacky.

  4. That moon photo is exquisite.
    It's so hard not to know what an outcome will be, isn't it?
    Being a homeowner is a pain sometimes but at least you are a little more in control of your circumstances.
    Do you ever get supper from a chippie? Chippy?

  5. Love that moon photo. I hope all goes well with the landlord.

  6. Housing can be a difficult challenge. I've lived in the same house since 1970 so haven't had to make any difficult decisions except for upkeep and renovations.

  7. think positive on the visit. especially if y'all decide to buy a permanent home since staying will give you plenty of time to find the right place.

  8. I love that moon shot and the trivia but, that Fishcotheque is the best. How have you resisted going in?

  9. I love the name "Fishcoteque." It sounds so intriguing. I'd definitely have to go inside and have a meal. I agree about that moon shot. It's beautiful. When my Pogo gets an idea about something, he'll stand his ground for as long as he thinks he should. Maybe there is a fox somewhere nearby. I agree about being a homeowner. You have more control of what you can do on your property. Enjoy those books. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  10. Great name and an inviting storefront. Hoping your landlord visit goes well.

  11. Yesterday pictures of a heron. Today a fish restaurant. Sounds to me like you're craving another Florida trip.

  12. Isn't that moon elegant? I know, it sounds weird but that's what first csme to mind. What a gorgeous picture.

    Fingers crossed for your encounter with the landlord/lady.

  13. I hope all goes well with your landlady.
    I would like to recommend Richard Peck's A Long Way from Chicago. It won the Newbery in 1998 and has been read on MTPR Children's Corner and The Pea Green Boat many times. About two kids who spend vacations with their grandmother during some lean times.

  14. It would be interesting (to me anyhow) to read "The Story of Mankind" with to compare what it said then versus what we know now.

    "Fisco Inferno" - lol - I have fond memories of Disco Inferno! I was twenty or so when it was at its peak. Burn, Baby, Burn :)

  15. omit the "with" in that first sentence, please - this is what comes of trying to edit my comments but failing to proofread the results :)

  16. Today at the thrift store, a woman asked me about a book she'd seen the other day but hadn't bought. Did we still have it? It was about a horse called Charlie.

    "Um... Do you mean Smoky?" I said.

    She did! We had a nice, clean copy of "Smoky the Cowhorse", and she bought it.

    I bet you have those experiences, yeah? as a librarian when someone offers the barest of info--or even wrong info!--about a book they want and you manage to suss it out?

    In this case, I may have gotten it right because I'd been looking at the Newbery titles due to your blog! So... thanks!

  17. Fishco, not Fisco

    sheesh, another typo!